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Regarding single crystal silicon

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 17:35:26

Although the use of new energy, especially solar power battery in the country is far from universal, but compared to other major strategic emerging industries in China, it is far from people's life seems to be more recent.


Not long ago, "Iron Man", the founder of Tesla Motors and CEO Elon Musk released a "photovoltaic roof", the life science and technology also follow: full of wit and humour in the top of the installation of photovoltaic tile houses by the sun to send the electricity, and then save the home energy storage battery, when the Tesla electric car, household products power supply, storage battery discharge at any time. To achieve this beautiful scene, solar energy technology is essential.

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Single crystal silicon and battery into a bright spot


Crystalline silicon and batteries are the two most important technologies in the solar power generator industry. This year, in crystalline silicon camps between monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon from the price, market share and the cost and efficiency of conversion are in dispute, the media outlet.


In the opinion of Li Zhenguo, President of Lungi shares, the single crystal rod than the polycrystalline rod power consumption more, but 25 years after the effective use of batteries, single crystal module than the polycrystalline module of high power output, more than the average annual issued 60 kwh of clean electricity. Polysilicon supporters deny this view, the reason is that the single crystal silicon can not get any detailed test data show that their power generation.


But it should be recognized that once the maturity of silicon technology is also likely to close to the polysilicon itself, the power consumption and power generation efficiency. From the beginning of last year, some manufacturers under thrust, crystal momentum gradually, (hereinafter referred to as "energy saving") and part of the New York listed companies are overweight in silicon. The Lungi shares in Malaysia, Ningxia factory in Yinchuan, Cam Danker in Malaysia also released the factory capacity.


However, to replace the single crystal in the short term, the odds do not. In some years, more than of the company has been engaged in the production of more than 20% of the high efficiency, and the technology is also a breakthrough. Canadian solar backup generator Company proved wet black silicon technology through measurement, transform polycrystalline cell rate as high as 18.9%; between single crystal, polycrystalline two battery manufacturing company, did not stop the pace for polycrystalline battery research. Therefore, the future will continue to dispute single poly technology.

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