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Regard Solid-State Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 15:54:11

The recent Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion door and a user report that the iPhone 7 fire, so that battery safety has been widespread concern. People can not help but ask: there is no explosion will not be safe battery technology? The answer is yes, solid-state battery is a safe battery.


Solid-state batteries are not new. The first use of solid-state battery products is a pacemaker, part of the Internet of Things and wearable devices also use solid-state batteries.


Compared with the use of liquid electrolyte lithium-ion battery, solid-state battery is much higher security, and energy density higher life cycle longer. But the current high cost of its manufacturing outrageous.


Analyst Lorenzo Grande (Lorenzo Grande), said solid-state battery manufacturing costs per unit area will grow exponentially with the size. Solid-state batteries for RFID tags cost as much as $ 20 to $ 30, and smart-phone solid-state batteries could cost thousands of dollars, so high prices are unacceptable. This price, making the current solid-state batteries can not be used in any mainstream consumer electronics products. So its not easy to use in solar powered portable generator like our lifepo4 batteries.


This means that as long as the manufacturing costs can be reduced, solid-state batteries in the field of consumer electronics has a bright future. Companies such as Samsung that are damaged by a battery explosion may first use solid-state batteries in their smartphones, though they may have to pay higher costs, Mr. Grant said.


Grande firmly believe that the next few years, the use of liquid electrolyte lithium-ion battery will become the past, "solid-state battery will become the battery market rules change." The future, the current market leader in a considerable portion of the battery market will be eroded by solid-state batteries.


In the main advantage of solid-state batteries, security is clearly the highest. Solid-state electrolyte not only less likely to fire, but also more stable, less prone to lead to battery explosion thermal escape phenomenon. While the cost is a big problem, its not cost-efficient as LiFePO4 batteries.


In addition, solid-state batteries last longer and have higher energy densities. Higher safety, longer life and higher capacity, will undoubtedly become the main selling point of solid-state batteries.

However, no one knows how manufacturers will introduce solid-state battery products. Manufacturers may choose to keep the current battery size unchanged, allowing users to enjoy longer battery life; may also maintain the current "1 day" of life, while reducing the battery size.

While users are looking for longer battery life, the high manufacturing cost of solid-state batteries is a limiting factor. This means that the first solid-state battery will have similar battery life with the existing lithium-ion battery life, while the smaller size, at least before the substantial reduction in the cost of solid-state batteries will be so.


According to Grande predicted that due to stringent safety requirements, the car will be the last to use solid-state battery products. UAVs may be the first to use solid-state battery products, the earliest time for 2017; followed by wearable devices and larger consumer electronics products. Perhaps 4-5 years later, smart phones can use solid-state batteries, and maybe later is portable solar power generator device.


As with other technologies, the problems faced by solid-state batteries are cost and mass adoption. Once companies such as Samsung decide to use solid-state battery technology in consumer products, a significant increase in production will help reduce manufacturing costs. In addition, the current solid-state battery technology is not mature enough, but with the development of technology, solid-state batteries will undoubtedly become the mainstream of battery technology.

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