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Recycling difficult for used batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 13:40:08

On the power battery or lifepo4 battery recycling or echelon use, the current view of the industry vary. Some people think that you can echelon use, to avoid waste, but some people think that is not operational. How do you see?


Frankly speaking, Its not optimistic about the use of echelon. The reason is that each battery is not the same, consistency is also different, the battery production and use of the history are inconsistent circumstances, in order to integrate the use of these batteries is by no means easy.


There is no way to test the battery consistency?


Yes, but it is difficult! Consistency means consistency or dynamic consistency throughout the life cycle. Specifically, a group of batteries in the actual long-term use of all the battery during the period required to maintain the same capacity and internal resistance, at least in a narrow band is not divergent.


But in reality, a group of batteries at an unknown moment may have one or several batteries to varying degrees of capacity decay or increased resistance. And the batteries can be used in solar powered portable generator. So the charge, the same applies to the entire group of the average battery capacity will have been reduced capacity of the battery overcharge, which can cause fire or explosion of security risks. Therefore, the entire set of battery charge depends on the worst piece of the battery.


Consistency of each cell in the battery pack is important. To use a lot of different use of history, manufacturers of production date, positive and negative raw material formulations are not entirely clear with the use of the battery together, it may be a nightmare.


Although the power management system (BMS) can do some regulation, but the ability to control is limited. The safety of the old battery is a difficult task to ensure.


That used batteries as a resource to recover it?


In the previous lithium battery recycling, the main elements of the value of recovery is cobalt and nickel. The state encourages the strengthening of the recycling of resources, a rainy day is not wrong. And recycling is good for environment and save resources, and our portable solar power generator begin to use lithium batteries, so more and more batteries will be used, its better to cycle.


With the continuous expansion of industrial scale, recycling of resources to the entire lithium industry chain to form a closed loop, is conducive to the development of the industry. But from a business point of view, recycling is a difficult to profitable business.


The state may have to give the appropriate resources recycling subsidies, or from some of the high-profit chain part of the profits retained to subsidize the battery recycling business, in order to maintain the lithium industry chain of environmental protection and harmony.

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