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Rapid Development Of Solar Cells Packaging Materials

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-04 11:25:20
In recent years, China has increased the development of clean energy, the rapid development of photovoltaic industry around the EVA film to the market development opportunities. In the face of the current economic development situation and the challenges of the technological revolution, the rapid development of solar powered portable generator cell packaging materials, has become a global research field of photovoltaic one of the hot spots.
solar cell packaging materials
As China's solar cell production to an alarming number of growth, related research and development of packaging materials is also increasingly important. Solar cell packaging film, solar cells in China play an important role in the field.

Solar cells as a solar power generation system in the core part, charged with the solar power generator energy into an important role in electricity. If the solar cell is exposed directly to the atmosphere, the photoelectric conversion efficiency will be reduced, and its performance will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in order to ensure the life of the battery pack is guaranteed, the choice of packaging materials is particularly important.

EVA film as a key material for solar cell packaging, the main play to protect the battery and the battery sheet and cover the role of close fit glass. Once the battery module of the film, the back panel began to turn yellow, cracked, the battery is also easy to failure Scrap. Therefore, how to solve the EVA film aging yellowing problem, to extend the service life of components, has become the major manufacturers need to solve one of the problems.

In recent years, some well-known domestic manufacturers of EVA film and research institutes to carry out a large number of research work. A large number of domestic enterprises with new materials, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou Institute of Energy jointly developed by the solar cell packaging with EVA film, EVA film to solve the anti-aging, light transmittance and other issues contribute to the force.

For example: Lushan new materials used in solar cell EVA packaging film to import resin as raw material, adding Lushan new core function of additives, after a series of chemical and physical reaction, with good resistance to yellowing yellowing properties. In addition, the product also has high insulation properties and high volume resistivity, providing excellent anti-PID performance and anti-snail texture performance for components; high weather resistance and low yellowing at the same time with other components of the module better matching, Different processing technology, not prone to bumps, bubbles, shift, crack and other issues, while excellent light transmission to improve the output power of the component.
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