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Rapid Development Of New Energy Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-03 10:15:49
Facing the end of the year, the new energy automotive industry in 2016, the development has matured, coupled with energy conservation, government subsidies, no restrictions on the convenience of such conditions, new energy vehicles are increasingly becoming the future direction of the automotive market. It is noteworthy that, despite the rapid development of new energy vehicles, but sales have been unable to par with the traditional fuel-efficient cars, in addition to mileage, battery life and other issues caused by anxiety, new energy vehicles, power battery production capacity has also become troubled by new energy vehicles Production rate of a major incentive. This industry's internal and external supporting enterprises of production defects, seriously hampered the development of new energy vehicles speed and scale.

In the new energy automotive industry with each passing day, China's LFP battery technology in the vigorous development of the same time also faces great challenges. Reporters access to relevant information found that, as of 2016, China's battery business has more than 100, and because of too concentrated production capacity, industry analysts believe that the battery in 2017 is about to face structural problems of excess capacity, a number of new entrants and products Poor quality of the enterprise is about to face the fate of being eliminated.
Rapid Development Of New Energy Vehicles
From the global strategic planning level, Europe and the United States on the development of the three major auto industry groups focus different. To Germany as the representative of many European automobile enterprises of the traditional internal combustion engine optimization and technological innovation, so the fuel cell technology development slightly lag. While the United States is the main push hydrogen fuel cell industry, the independent development of the lifepo4 battery pack cost is high, so in recent years, the US battery industry gradually developed to create a common basic platform, waiting for the market mature and then by the manufacturers were specific Design Flow. Japan's industrial planning focus on the natural breathing technology and hybrid vehicle research and development, at the same time, fuel cell vehicles have also become the focus of research and development object.

This shows that countries for the development of power batteries, although focused on different, but still able to see the new energy vehicles in the future car market, the status of light weight. Recalling the development of China's battery industry, the traditional manufacturing process has been unable to meet the current consumer safety requirements for new energy vehicles, decentralized order model is not conducive to centralized production, intelligent, automated production lines are increasingly becoming the driving force for the future Battery industry trends.
Rapid Development Of New Energy Vehicles
A large number of China's battery industry, and many companies have successfully listed on the A-share market, as of now, the third quarter earnings of listed companies have been released. Reporters read the earnings report found that the traditional cycle of industry-related companies in the doldrums of the environment, the overall performance of the new energy vehicle sector to the good, driving the power battery industry have been higher. The market funds to stay on stream, has focused its attention to these promising prospects and potential of listed companies, power battery industry is expected to become the next investment hot spot.

As engaged in lithium-ion battery, battery management system research and development and production of high-tech new energy company, China Aviation lithium in the domestic new energy vehicles rather turbulent year performed well, the parent company Chengfei integrated 2016 attributable to shareholders of listed companies Of the net profit margin of 20.00% to 70.00%, the main reason for the substantial growth in performance subsidiary of China Aviation lithium and integrated Rui Hu actual sales higher than expected, a substantial increase in revenue; and lithium battery business production and sales increase, while gross margin Enhance, and ultimately make the operating profit increased.

Review the first three quarters, benefiting from the new energy automotive industry to upgrade and domestic demand, lithium battery manufacturers in particular the power lithium battery manufacturers continue to expand the scale of production. Listed companies are technology lithium battery testing equipment business is growing rapidly, driving the company's rapid growth performance. At the same time, the industry is also the acquisition of science and technology set silver technology, the extension of the electronics, the intention to take full advantage of synergies in the panel equipment, lithium batteries, electronic materials business has more in-depth study. The latest news shows that China Aviation Lithium has also been nominated in the first half of the world's 2016 battery manufacturers ranked the top ten list, thanks to the extraordinary progress of the field of electric buses at the same time, as a listed company with military background, China Aviation lithium in aircraft, And other projects also have achievements.
Lithium Battery Industry Development Trend Analysis
At present, the fossil energy consumption and a lot of clean energy waste in the environment, the blue ocean energy storage industry gradually revealed. Ke Lu Electronics to seize its energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution and other advantages, from January to September 2016 the company achieved operating income of 2.03 billion yuan, an increase of 37%. Its joint-stock subsidiary of the country, said Guo Wei, general manager of the battery in an interview, said Ke Lu Electronics continued to accelerate the layout of power battery upstream and downstream industry chain, the country can be the beginning of this year, the battery has completed 700 million hours of capacity expansion task. Kelu Electronics said it expects the future profit growth is expected to transfer to the incremental distribution network side projects, new energy vehicles and charging operations, energy storage batteries and systems, the next three years is expected to gradually release the performance, to reproduce high-speed growth.

Prior to this, the Ministry of Industry announced the "automotive power battery industry specifications" business directory (fourth), Chengfei integration, billion Wei Li, intelligent energy and other listed companies successfully nominated. In accordance with the provisions, since May 1 this year, the new energy automotive companies do not enter the directory once the use of the battery, will not be able to get the appropriate subsidies. Ministry of Industry is also a move to improve the power battery industry barriers to prevent the emergence of barbaric growth, but this will not enter the directory of power battery companies lose price advantage, the future of China's independent research and development-led battery business will master more More opportunities, in the new energy automotive industry gradually lay a solid foundation.

As a result of the continuing impact of the explosion of Samsung batteries, Korean battery hidden troubles gradually surfaced, some domestic car manufacturers have begun to replace the low-key suppliers, some models have been discontinued for sale. However, compared to the safety of battery power concerns, can not apply for state subsidies has also become a constraint on imports of power battery companies to enter the Chinese market, a major threshold. Therefore, although the fourth quarter of last year are new energy vehicles sales season, this year has shown a very different scene, which is self-evident.

For the new energy automotive companies in terms of the impact of the fact that for the power battery industry can be called an opportunity. The domestic battery industry has gradually become the primary consideration for the automotive manufacturers target, the cost of control and replacement time for the double consideration, the car prices will naturally start the second and third suppliers to deal with battery shortages, short-term replacement of suppliers to complete the work, In order to alleviate the situation of new energy automotive market follow-up fatigue. The replacement cycle, in general, takes about a year to the current sales of new energy vehicles point of view, for the time being will not form a major bearish.
Li ion Battery
It is noteworthy that the industry pointed out that the domestic power battery industry there is insufficient research and development of high-end products worries, study its fundamental, but also the delay in independent research and development technology. Coupled with the lack of production lines, many companies in order to seize the huge market, at the blind expansion of production lines to meet the needs of new energy automotive industry. Ignoring technology research and development is a common problem in many power battery companies, the new energy vehicle market is always in constant expansion, the battery industry is undoubtedly lurking huge prospects and interests, as the company's core profit growth, companies should be aware of technology research and development For the important place of business life, blindly expand production space, will be eliminated by the competitive market.
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