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Rapid Development Of China Energy Storage Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-04-04 15:19:39
In recent years, the rapid development of China's energy storage industry, after more than 10 years of technological development and accumulation, is currently in the application from the application to the commercial development of an important turning point. Into 2017, many companies have overweight layout energy storage industry, more in-depth exploration of energy storage industry with a profitable business model.

Recently, China has introduced a number of energy planning policies, including the "13th Five-Year Plan", "Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014-2020)", "Energy Technology Revolution Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030)", "Energy development" thirteen five "plan (2016-2020)", "renewable energy development" thirteen five "plan", these policies will focus on energy storage as one of the areas of development and research. February 17, 2017, the National Energy Board issued "2017 energy work guidance", which also clearly pointed out that the implementation of "on the promotion of energy storage technology and the healthy development of industry guidance", the establishment of energy storage technology system research and development, integrated Testing and engineering verification platform to promote the focus of energy storage technology pilot demonstration, and plans to promote the implementation of key energy storage projects during the year to speed up the commercialization of energy storage process.
Rapid Development Of China Energy Storage Industry
Market, with the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, many power battery companies to expand production capacity. With the production capacity gradually heavy volume, the market gradually showing a "high-end production capacity shortage, low-end overcapacity" situation, and the layout of energy storage areas, has become a number of solar power batteries enterprises to digest redundant production capacity of the important direction. In addition, the early listing of new energy vehicles, the power battery has been facing retired, these retired after 70% -80% of the battery is still charged, can be used in the field of energy storage, to play its useful life value.

Whether the policy side or the market side, the energy storage industry have been an unprecedented concern, even the Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin also throwing 5 billion investment in energy storage, and in 2016 a summit forum made it clear that " Can technology immature, but I still have to invest. " Today's energy storage market, as soon as the "outbreak of the volcano", attracted a lot of business overweight layout.
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