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Qinghai 10 MW Solar Energy Power Plant

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-12-03 12:27:10
The average elevation of Tala Beach is 2,920 meters. In some areas, the solar radiation is strong and the average sunshine can reach 8 hours. In 2012, Hainan Prefecture began to promote the construction of ecological photovoltaic parks based on existing resources. From scratch, from small to large, new clean energy represented by photovoltaic power generation has become a dominant industry in Hainan.

According to reports, the entire park government plans 609 square kilometers, with a planned installed capacity of 12,900 megabytes and a designed annual generating capacity of 6 billion kWh. In 2017, the power generation reached 5.4 billion kWh and was sent to Jiangsu for 2.2 billion kWh. At present, the entire park has completed a production capacity of 1,495 trillion, and 42 owners and enterprises have settled in.
Qinghai 10 MW Solar Energy Power Plant
Li Ju, Hainan New Energy Power Generation Department of the Yellow River Hydropower Company, introduced that in order to solve the problem of intermittent, volatility and randomness of photovoltaic power generation, the National Power Investment Yellow River Company led the relevant research institutes and jointly developed the water-light complementary operation control system. The photovoltaic power generation that people think is not friendly is converted into a safe and stable high-quality power source, which improves the power quality of photovoltaic power generation, better realizes the function of rapid compensation of hydropower generation and photovoltaic power generation, and solves the problem of safe grid connection of photovoltaic power generation. It fills the gap in the international key technologies for large-scale water and solar power generator solar complementation and provides a complementary new development model for China's clean energy.

Up to now, the park has acquired 130,000 mu of land, and the planned total installed PV capacity has increased from 2,700 MW in 2012 to 19,200 MW.
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