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Problems and Opportunities Coexist for Distributed PV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-01 16:13:40

Centralized solar power generator began to snow, and distributed PV power plants have been gradually accepted by investors. First, it covers a small footprint. As long as the roof is sufficient to support the conditions of a distributed photovoltaic power plant. Secondly, the daily maintenance of the power station is also easier and simpler than centralized. Finally, it is almost zero pollution. In line with the world for the basic requirements of clean energy chase. It can be said that distributed photovoltaic power plant carrying the global hope for the future of clean energy construction.


However, the distributed PV power plant financing difficulties, low subsidy prices, arrears and other issues also make many investors discouraged. From a global perspective, distributed PV development without exception. In the United States, home PV systems allow direct grid connection to the grid, which is the same as in the country, including: "full Internet" and "spontaneous use, more than electricity Internet" two models; Whether it is "Internet" or "spontaneous" all the electricity can be issued by the government subsidies to enjoy the corresponding benefits. While domestic, subsidies and income is only reflected in the "Internet" part.

From the subsidy distribution point of view, power plant investors usually only through the State Grid, South Network and Mengxi power grid channels to get subsidies and tariffs. Among them, the country accounted for more than 90% of the scope of business. It is noteworthy that, in September 2016, the State Grid issued a "suspended payment of non-natural person distributed PV subsidies," the notice, so a lot of projects have to be put down for the record, want to do before are also in wait and see , Equivalent to cut off the distributed source of funds, the objective delay in the development of distributed PV speed.


October 11, the National Development and Reform Commission Price Division to the Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, State Power, State Power Investment, the Three Gorges, CGNG, Longyuan, HSBC, TRW Finance, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid Corporation Finance Regulation of the General Hospital issued "on the adjustment of new energy benchmarking price of the letter of advice." After the January 1, 2017 put into operation, "self-employed, more than electricity online" model of distributed photovoltaic power generation with solar power batteries to implement the full power subsidies, distributed PV subsidies from the previous "a class of resource area 0.2 yuan / kWh, Class II Resource Zone 0.25 Yuan / KWh, Class III Resource Zone 0.3 Yuan / KWh "Adjusted to" Class I, Class II Resource Zone 0.35 Yuan / KWh, Class III Resource Zone 0.40 Yuan / KWh. The project subsidy for natural persons is advanced by the grid company; the non-natural person project is transferred by the grid company. This to some extent, that the country for distributed PV, especially individual investment in distributed PV support.

The stone of his mountain


The future direction of distributed PV is not an individual or an enterprise can decide. From a global perspective, many countries are strongly support and support the development of distributed PV. The United States from the development of the distributed market so far in 2010, has always been showing a high-speed incremental development trend. Among them, the domestic market growth and development of the most stable.


Japan's land area is the same as Taiwan's, but the energy consumption is the world's fourth, since the 2011 tsunami in Japan after the land shortage and development problems in Japan, the solar market began to shift from large-scale ground-based photovoltaic solar generator system (family roof), known as the world's largest solar photovoltaic power generation market in 2016, far more than many developed countries.


Germany has closed eight nuclear power plants through several years of development, the remaining nine will be completely closed before 2022, more than 90% of Germany are distributed PV systems, most of the roof system, the user reached more than 100 million. This series of data shows that distributed photovoltaic as early as in the world set off a building boom. The future will dominate the entire photovoltaic industry.

Variety of distributed power plants


Reporters through the sorting of distributed PV data, found a magnificent distributed PV world. Now, centralized photovoltaic power station has been gradually faded, replaced by the rise of distributed PV. The world is calling for lower carbon emissions, reduction of green mountains. Have supported the implementation of carbon tax, our country from the original "resolutely do not accept the carbon tax" attitude, changed the view. For carbon emissions tax policy ready to come out, the reduction of carbon emissions, must mean that the new energy boom. Then the distributed PV will also be many families and enterprises must pass through the road. According to the three parties speculated that the levy of carbon tax is expected to be achieved in 2025, as to whether as a subsidy of new energy sources have yet to wait and see. Reporter believes that if the carbon tax era, the new energy subsidies to be a good transition. Although distributed there are many contradictions and problems, but in the future is destined to occupy the country and the world PV market.

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