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Printing Solar Cell Power In Australia

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-06 08:47:23
solar cellRecently, scientists at the University of Melbourne, Australia, developed a solar cell black technology: the research team using a special printer, directly in A3 paper size flexible, translucent plastic film, the solar cell print out!

The team used a solar cell called nematic liquid crystals, which not only made it easier to produce, but also improved the performance of solar powered portable generator cells. Compared with the current solar market mainstream crystalline silicon solar panels and thin-film solar panels, this printed solar cell win in the low price and can be customized: the price per meter less than $ 10, and is not limited to size , According to the actual needs of free cutting.

At present, this kind of printing solar cell power generation efficiency in 8% -9.3% between. And, the team is studying the use of hybrid materials as batteries, power efficiency is intended to increase to 18%. Once a breakthrough, the efficiency of solar power generation will be printed and the current thin film solar cells under a higher.

There is no doubt that this printed solar cells, solar energy is a major breakthrough in the field, can greatly expand the solar energy applications, such as the installation of solar power batteries panels in windows, clothes, mobile phones, cars, and so on.

The research results are still in the testing phase. But the research team hopes to seek cooperation or venture capital companies to accelerate the progress of research and development, and quickly to market.
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