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Precautions for Using the Lithium Batteries in Mobile Devices

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-27 11:49:50

Lithium-ion battery in the use of the charge and discharge the most important tips:


1, in accordance with the standard time and procedures for charging, even if the first three have to be so, first charger (line charge) plug in the power and then plug the charger output port phone charge (switch charging can be).


2, when the phone is too low power, you should try to start charging in time; lithium batteries in the case of over-discharge the most vulnerable to damage!This is the same as LiFePO4 batteries.


3, lithium battery activation does not require a special method, the normal use of lithium batteries in the phone will naturally activate.

Lithium-ion battery to be filled with the first three times 12 hours? Lithium battery need to activate?


For lithium battery "activation", many say is: charge time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times in order to activate the battery. This "charge the first three times to charge more than 12 hours," saying, apparently from the nickel batteries (such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen) continue down the argument.


So this argument can be said that the beginning is misinformation. Lithium battery and nickel battery charge and discharge characteristics are very different, and can be very clear to tell you that I have reviewed all the serious formal technical information are stressed overcharge and over discharge will lithium batteries, especially liquid lithium Ion batteries cause great damage. Therefore, the best charge in accordance with standard time and standard methods of charging, in particular, do not carry more than 12 hours of super-long charge. Typically, the instructions on the phone description of the charging method is suitable for the phone's standard charging method. This is the same as to charge LiFePO4 battery pack in solar power system.


In addition, the lithium cell phone or charger in the battery is fully charged will automatically stop charging, there is no nickel electric charger so-called 10 hours continuous "trickle" charge. In other words, if your lithium battery is full, on the charger is white. And no one of us can guarantee that the characteristics of the battery charge and discharge protection circuit will never change and the quality of foolproof, so your battery will be in danger of long-term edge of wandering. This is another reason why we oppose long charging.


In addition to some of the mobile phone, charging more than a certain time, if not to remove the charger, then the system not only does not stop charging, will start the discharge - the charge cycle. Perhaps the manufacturer of this practice has its own purpose, but obviously the life of the battery and the phone / charger is detrimental. At the same time, long charging takes a long time, often at night, and to the situation of China's power grid, many places at night the voltage is relatively high, and volatile. As already mentioned, the lithium battery is very delicate, it is more than nickel in charge and discharge resistance to fluctuations in the ability of much worse, so this brings additional danger. When use the battery in solar powered portable generator, we should take more attention about charging and discharging question.


In addition, another aspect can not be ignored is the lithium battery is also not suitable for over-discharge, over-discharge on the lithium battery is also very unfavorable.

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