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Power grid energy storage and base station standby power

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 13:52:27

1. Power grid energy storage


A, renewable energy grid


At present, the domestic "abandoned wind, abandoned light" phenomenon is serious, energy storage can be used for the "scenery" consumptive. In the first half of 2016, China's disposable air volume of 32 billion 300 million kilowatts, the average abandoned wind rate as high as 21%; disposable light power of about 3 billion 280 million kwh, the average abandoned light rate of 19.7%. Abandoned wind, abandoned light phenomenon can be solved by supporting the solar power generator system, and at present the proportion of China's energy storage capacity and the overall size of renewable energy power generation compared to a serious non coordinated. The study shows that if the power fluctuation rate is controlled within 10%, the energy storage system should be equipped with the ratio of 1:10 at least.


According to the National Energy Bureau of the medium-term plan, "13th Five-Year" during the period of China's wind power installed capacity target of 250GW of PV installed targets for 150GW. In this proportion, the permeability of the electrochemical energy storage technology 50% estimates, by 2020, China's renewable energy grid connected market electrochemical energy storage system, the cumulative demand will reach 20GWH.


B, power grid ancillary services


Energy storage in power grid ancillary services mainly in the power plant and hand stop, frequency and phase, emergency, voltage control, reduce line loss etc.. According to the annual electricity expenditure ratio and loss ratio of auxiliary comprehensive estimates, is expected to 2020, energy storage in power auxiliary service storage cumulative demand for 1.5GWH.


C, peak shaving


The energy storage system is relatively easy to be commercialized in the peak shaving and filling. In the commercialization of the promotion, the use of the provinces and cities of the peak and valley price difference, to play the cost advantage of energy storage, peak shaving power regulation, and then share revenue with customers. At the same time, in the transmission and distribution side, the energy storage in the way of peak shaving, which makes the stability of power system improved. According to the estimated power consumption of various industries in the country, is expected to 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of energy storage in peak electricity expenditure to avoid the use of 1.5GWH.

2, base station standby power


China's telecommunications market has entered a new development period, showing a large integration, big change and big transformation of the development trend. Since 2014, China's telecommunications storage market has begun to widely use lithium battery as a battery base station battery. Recently, the new investment communication base station projects, but also more to the lithium battery backup power as a base station. According to the construction speed of the domestic base station estimates, is expected to 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of reserve power supply in the base station in the base station is 23.5GWH. With the lifepo4 batteries performance improvement and cost significantly decreased, when the lithium battery permeability is expected to reach more than 80%.


3, family light storage system


At present, in some parts of the United States, Germany and Japan, industrial and commercial users and residents of the family of distributed energy storage will be faster development. "Distributed PV + energy storage" business model will be the focus of future energy development in China, can be realized by the residents and commercial users of the power of self occupied, redundant power Internet economic operation.


According to the latest data from the Ministry of housing and the Ministry of housing estimates, the number of domestic rural households is about 95 million, the village since the building and the city's conservative estimate of 10 million villas. According to the average power of photovoltaic 5KWH, with the ratio of 4:3 is equipped with a power storage system, to promote the 2020 family of optical storage system was 5% estimates, home light storage system supporting storage battery total demand reached 19.75GWH.


4, electric vehicle charging for storage integration


The new energy automotive industry chain continues to improve steadily drives the charging station and charging pile construction, "electric vehicle charging infrastructure development guide" pointed out that China's 2020 charging station and charging pile construction quantity will reach 12 thousand and 4 million 800 thousand, supporting the energy storage equipment demand surge.


At the same time, the emergence of optical storage charging station, is expected to further stimulate the demand for energy storage batteries. At present, optical storage charging station has been in Qinghai, Beijing and other places to carry out construction and pilot operations. In addition, the photovoltaic charging station and energy storage development supporting the construction of optical storage battery charging station, can effectively connect the solar and power grid, in charge of leisure surplus photovoltaic power will be stored in the power grid overload by energy storage equipment for electric vehicle charging directly.


The optical storage charging station generating capacity and supporting the energy storage capacity of 2:1 ratio calculation, 2020 time storage charging station penetration rate of 20%, the average of each block of optical storage and charging station generating capacity is 3000kWh, only light solar power battery charging station supporting the cumulative demand reached 1.8GWH.

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