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Power Plans To British National Grid

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-05-28 22:00:56
Recently, the person in charge of battery developer Become Energy proposed Pivot Power plans to connect lithium-ion batteries of over 2GW to the national grid while investing 1.6 billion pounds (2.15 billion US dollars) to deploy rapid electric car charging infrastructure. The company's goal is to install 50 MW batteries around 45 major roads and towns nationwide to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and up to 100 150 kW fast charging stations. In the future, even 350 kW fast charging stations can be supported. The project will initially deploy 10 sites within 18 months. This Pivot Power so-called "battery +" model, in the next five to six years after the completion of the construction, the British power grid will become the world's largest connected energy storage battery transmission and distribution network.
Power Plans To National Grid
Graeme Cooper, director of electric vehicles at TSO National Grid, a British transmission system operator, proposed deploying a network of fast charging stations at 50 locations, including highway service stations nationwide, to address remote anxiety. The Pivot Power plan seems to coincide with this proposal, but actually the two are independent and complementary. One important difference is that the Pivot Power plan's business model has the participation of battery storage. According to Michael Clark, chief technology officer of the Pivot Power program, this plan will be the first application of energy loss due to oversaturation in the frequency response of power transmission and distribution.

When the energy is transmitted through the transmission network to another voltage level grid, a large amount of power is obtained through the use of the battery, so that there is almost no need for transition and the cost can be saved, so it is called “battery+”.

“It's not impossible to get more profits. This is exactly what we are pursuing. We will cooperate in FM or assist the market. This time we enter the transmission grid. We hope to have a larger scale in the early stages of project startup. The equivalent effective trading pattern."
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