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Power Off The Grid In Africa

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-04 16:55:51
For most of the inhabitants of rural sub-Saharan Africa, sunset means a dark world. Recently, however, in the absence of electricity, alternative methods of electrical connectivity are being used to help address Africa's power problems: off-grid solar powered portable generator home systems, electrified houses with battery-connected roof panels.
Power Off The Grid In Africa
Although the technology is not new, it is becoming increasingly popular in the region, with the dramatic decline in the cost of photovoltaic panels and LED lamps and electrical appliances to improve efficiency. More than a dozen companies that provide these systems in a pay-as-you-go manner now operate in Africa.

Supporters say solar pay now has an important advantage over other options. These systems can be deployed immediately and do not use smoky rooms like kerosene lamps, which are still widely used by two-thirds of sub-Saharan households without electricity. They are also unaffected by power outages, which are often connected to the grid.
Power Off The Grid In Africa
They are also economical. In Kenya, the State Power Company charged customers 15,000 shillings ($ 150) for new connections. Its own cost per connection is 10 times higher. The customer then pays the monthly bill, which does not provide a monthly fee after the initial investment repayment.

M-Kopa, the largest off-grid solar power generator operator in the region, has sold more than 400,000 systems in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda since its launch in 2011 - a figure that its CEO Jesse Moore believes will be available in the next five years Reaching 4 million.
Power Off The Grid In Africa
The M-Kopa base system includes an 8-watt solar panel, a 6-volt lithium-ion battery, two LED bulbs, a cell phone charging station, a torch, and a radio that costs $ 217 a year, compared to an average of $ 60 Spent on kerosene, batteries, cell phone charging and candles.
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