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Power Battery System Determines Logistics Electric Vehicle Quality

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-02 11:10:12
EV2016 sixth new energy vehicle market to promote the Forum held in Hangzhou Ningde era, director of marketing Yang Qi in the international forum on the development of pure electric vehicle vehicles, pointed out: "power battery system accounted for half of the cost of electric vehicle logistics, Directly determines the quality of electric vehicle logistics.

At present, the electric vehicle logistics industry in the early stages of development, product quality varies greatly. Many electric logistics depot do not understand the characteristics of the lifePo4 batteries, do not know the back will bring all the problems, coupled with adverse competition, so only attention to the price of battery power. However, for logistics enterprises or leasing companies, electric logistics vehicles are used to make money business tools, they are willing to choose high quality and durable products. Electric logistics vehicle manufacturing enterprises and electric vehicle logistics users the interests of both sides of the deviation.

According to the "China Bus Industry Development Report (2014 ~ 2015)" shows that the rapid development of electric buses in the past two years, due to power battery performance problems leading to vehicle operations are not uncommon, involving battery safety, battery attenuation, High and low temperature applications, the development of electric vehicle logistics to be a warning, can not repeat the same mistakes.

China has more than 760 lithium battery manufacturing enterprises, which claims to produce more than 150 power batteries. Ministry of Industry announced a total of four batches in line with "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" directory, a total of 57 power battery companies selected. China's power battery industry is highly fragmented, to select the power battery business, need to train a pair of eyes.
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