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Power Battery Structure In Short Supply

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-01 15:10:33
lifepo4 battery packIn 2016, China's lithium-ion battery production capacity will reach 90 -100 GWh, 70% of the capacity utilization rate, 2016 annual production will reach 63-70 GWh. China's electric car production in 2015 nearly 38 million, power battery market demand is about 15GWh, 2016 electric car production in accordance with 80 million units, power battery market demand in 32GWh or so.

Therefore, the 2016 battery market will usher in a surplus of local situation, oversupply is already a foregone conclusion. Despite the overall capacity of the lifePo4 batteries there is excess worry, but the downstream car prices are currently due to power supply in short supply and trouble, power battery structure in short supply highlights the situation. There are three reasons:

First, subject to the production of power battery qualification. On April 29, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Supplementary Notice on Compliance with the Enterprise Reporting Requirements of the Automotive Power Battery Industry Standard Conditions. The original non-compulsory catalog was changed to compulsory catalog. That has entered the directory of new energy vehicles recommended models, must also be consistent with the "automotive power battery industry standard conditions," the power battery in order to obtain national and local government subsidies.

Therefore, the vehicle companies can only choose to temporarily give up the procurement of motor vehicle battery is not short-listed. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced four batches of "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" directory, 57 single battery supplier shortlisted, including Samsung, LG and other global battery giant did not enter the directory, resulting in short-term power battery Effective supply plunged.
Second, although the domestic market power battery manufacturers about 170, but really meet the technical requirements of downstream enterprises and can enter the mainstream of electric vehicle manufacturers supply chain power battery supplier is only 20 or so, including the State Hin Hi-Tech, Wal-Mart, China Aviation Lithium, Ningde times such as leading enterprises.

From 2014 onwards, China's new energy vehicle production growth spurt, 2016 annual production growth will exceed 100%. The face of many new energy vehicles to throw a large number of business orders, even to speed up expansion of production capacity, but the leading power battery manufacturers production is still relatively inadequate, is expected to this situation can be alleviated next year.
Third, with the new energy vehicles passenger cars, logistics, high growth market, power battery market structure is also changing, ternary power battery is taking over the iron phosphate lithium battery, a new energy vehicle future "outlet." Because had not expected to ternary power battery demand for rapid growth, most enterprises are not timely layout, exacerbated the ternary power supply in short supply.
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