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Power Battery Specific Energy Density 350 Wh/kg

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 13:55:18
energy densityNovember 20, 2016, China's electric car will convene a hundred people will be the domestic power battery industry chain-related enterprises, "Power Battery Materials and Materials Comprehensive Seminar" at the meeting, for the battery business on the current state of the battery than the different energy Requirements of the confusion, the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, director of the 18th Institute Xiao Chengwei explained: solar power batteries specific energy density 350 Wh / kg is the target, 300 Wh / kg is the indicator.

According to report, the Minister of Science and Technology in 2016, said the public in Wan Gang, the next five years, the battery than the energy to reach 300 watts / kg or more, and in October issued the "Ministry of Science on the release of national key R & D programs such as new energy vehicles focus Notice of the Special Project Guidance on the Declaration of Project 2017 "specifies this requirement. But the Ministry of Industry and the drafting of the "Made in China in 2025" and its subsequent interpretation, on the power battery specific energy requirements in 2020 to 350 Wh / kg.

Different requirements, the industry caused some confusion, the meeting, many portable solar power generator battery manufacturers questioned and said that in the actual work, 300 Wh / kg is already a relatively high problem, the need for business in technology, manpower , Time and money to make a huge investment, in order to reach 350 Wh / kg in 5 years, companies feel powerless. In this regard, Xiao Chengwei said: "Power battery specific energy 350 Wh / kg is the target, 300 Wh / kg is the target. Indicators must be reached, the goal is to work hard."
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