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Power Battery Revolution

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 08:30:28

February 24, 2016 the State Council executive meeting to determine further measures to support the new energy automotive industry, in order to optimize the structure promote green development. The meeting proposed to accelerate revolutionary breakthrough battery power. Promote medium and small enterprises, universities and research institutes to form collaborative research, open sharing of power lifepo4 batteries innovation platform in key materials, battery systems and other common, basic technology research and development concentrated force. The central government adopted Yijiangdaibu manner, according to battery performance, sales and other indicators of the enterprise will be awarded. Increase support for battery digital manufacturing outfit.

So how to treat high-level government for new energy vehicles, especially the development of pure electric vehicles do attitude?

First of all, from the current batch already on the market and sales of pure electric vehicles, the average mileage of the basic 250-300 km, 150-200 km and only low-end, high-end up to 350-400 kilometers. The charging time is 6-8 hours full charge and slow, fast charge 30 minutes can reach 80% level.

Secondly, the low temperature and battery failure or problem more prominent. On the one hand in the cold northern regions in the winter, even if fully charged, the vehicle can not travel due mileage; the other hand with continuous use, the battery pack gradually renders fast decay of the original full power to run 100 percent, to the first Two years may only run 80% in the third year running even only 50%.

The State Council executive meeting for the proposed power battery development goals, it should be said is the point. However, what is "a revolutionary breakthrough" still not seen any authoritative interpretation.

An understanding that new energy car battery whether it is life, charging time or failure rates, have made a breakthrough in the future, filled with a battery of mileage with the same level of traditional fuel vehicles considerably, charging time in hours from the current Switch is measured in minutes, not after last several years it is still less than 85% of the energy, which of course is a perfect ending.

Another interpretation is that although battery life and charging time without substantial improvement, but the safety of the battery power has been effectively improved, not because of frequent plug and cause fire, etc., thus creating a future power battery for power mode good conditions.

Of course, if in the foreseeable future, both the battery life has been improved significantly shorten the charging time, while ensuring their safety is more reliable, it would be more perfect!

However, the beautiful ideal and the reality always has a skinny gap. The State Council executive meeting referred to collaborative universities, research institutions and power companies, which should be very right direction, concentrating power we have is the biggest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. But how do open sharing platform for innovation, but it is not easy to achieve and accomplish in the market environment. What is the solution in the related research and development, universities, research institutions and enterprises of the division of labor? And how cost-sharing? Who owns the intellectual property rights related to the final? Enterprises to "Yijiangdaibu" to avoid cheat up behavior, but how should guard against possible level in universities and research institutions to cheat up question?

In addition, surface, universities and research institutions should do more to take on the task of research, but for practical products, more a system integration and data accumulation process, when corporations have more powerful, and leave the company R & D can eventually participate in the commercialization of all problems.

Finally, which companies can participate? It is the only car prices can participate, as long as there is still the will of the enterprise may intervene? By the State to build one or several platforms, or by different companies and different institutions set up R & D alliances, extensive cultivation? This is probably related to the beginning of how the supply side of the top-level design issues and arrangements, handled properly, it is inevitable herd, a tsunami and unfocused.

Due to the current hybrid cars some places excluded from the new energy vehicles, and as a traditional fuel vehicles transitional products, hybrid cars with the traditional car prices, it can not only maximize the use of existing resources, reduce waste , but also can achieve reduce the use of traditional fuels and reduce emissions. So if too aggressively across the threshold of hybrid vehicles, and direct to develop pure electric vehicles, the face of new energy vehicles in fact not yet finalized the technical route, although good to develop portable solar power generator direction, but the result can do so, indeed worrying. Hope "to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough" is not only stay on the slogan of passion, in the so-called "turn overtaking" strategy lessons early stages of development of new energy vehicles made by the relevant government departments should be drawn!
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