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Power Battery Retired Tide In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-29 07:30:21
power batteryElectric vehicle battery life is usually 5-8 years, is expected next year, China will usher in the first batch of power battery "retired tide."

The author of the survey data from the industry found that with the rapid development of new energy automotive industry by 2020, China's power lithium battery scrapped amount will reach 32.2Gwh, about 50 million tons; by 2023, the amount of waste will reach 101Gwh, About 1.16 million tons. With the large-scale power lithium market is accompanied by the rapid growth of battery scrap, a large number of scrapped battery threat to the natural environment, national health and social sustainable development.
We can not ignore the potential damage caused by abandoned power battery. The metal ions of the positive electrode, the carbon dust of the negative electrode, the strong alkali and the heavy metal ions in the electrolyte, will increase the pH value of the soil once they enter into the environment, and may cause toxic pollution. Internal metals and electrolytes also harm human health, for example, cobalt can lead to intestinal disorders, deafness, myocardial ischemia and other symptoms.

New energy vehicles have "to reduce emissions of fossil energy shortages," the advantage, if the lifepo4 battery pack because of scrapping caused by environmental pollution, affecting national health, is bound to go against the original intention of the development of new energy vehicles. However, China's scrap battery in the recovery and disposal is still facing a series of difficult problems.
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