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Power Battery Production Increasing 3 Times

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-06 08:55:55

By the end of 2015, China's new energy vehicle production totaled 497,000. This year from January to July cumulative production of new energy vehicles has already reached 323,000, an increase of 94.6%, accounting for 65% of the 2015 total. "Made in China 2025", "energy saving and new energy vehicles," mentioned in section 2020, own brand of pure electric and plug-in the new energy automotive annual sales exceeded one million by 2025, with the international advanced level of synchronization of new energy 3 million cars a year.

With the new energy vehicle production of the explosive growth of the individual battery companies also will maintain a rapid growth momentum, the rapid development of new energy automotive battery industry to bring good development opportunity. Statistics show that China's major power battery business revenue in 2010 from 123,900 yuan / person / year, up to 2015, 488,000 yuan / person / year, an increase of nearly 3 times. By 2015, total revenue of 12 major domestic lifepo4 batteries enterprises reached 24.392 billion yuan.

By the end of 2015, up to the amount of battery power companies patent discloses the invention of BYD battery materials reached 120, and foreign well-known LG Chemical and Samsung SDI at the same level.

Secretary-General of China Society of Automotive Engineering Zhang Jinhua said, "China Automotive Technology and Development Report 2016" from both quantitative and qualitative aspects of battery technological capabilities of enterprises to evaluate and establish the "technical capacity battery business index", and key inputs from the R & D resources , aspects of research and development capabilities, manufacturing capacity and so a detailed benchmarking analysis, optimization and innovation resource input for battery industry, improve the efficiency of decision-making power for the battery business.
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