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Power Battery Market Rapid Expansion

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 10:48:34
In November 23rd held the 4th China (Hunan Ningxiang) lithium new energy industry international summit forum (ABEC2016, lithium "Davos"), the founder of China Battery Network, the Forum Organizing Committee Secretary Yu Qing Teach that the explosive growth of new energy vehicles driven by the rapid expansion of the solar powered portable generator power battery market demand.

China Automobile Industry Association, the latest statistics show that from January to October this year, China's new energy (600,617) total vehicle production reached 355,000, jumped to the world's most active new energy vehicles market. 2016 in the first half of China's new energy vehicle production of power lithium battery demand totaled 6.678 million kWh, an increase of 133.93%. "China has become a new energy vehicles and the largest incremental power battery market, power battery is about the same as the mobile phone battery, into the new era of personal consumption," said the Puritanism.

From the lithium battery industry chain in different parts of the business representatives in an interview with reporters also combined with the development of their own enterprises to express the vision of the development of the industry.

Fluoride as lifepo4 battery pack industry chain of raw materials, battery manufacturers, the production and sales of lithium hexafluorophosphate ranks first in the country. Fluoride (Jiaozuo) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Li Yunfeng, chairman of an interview, said: "The company's future development ideas, from the perspective of profit is still focused on lithium hexafluorophosphate materials, the next five years, market demand, profitability will And strive to maintain continuous and stable production and sales volume from the point of view of sales volume is extended battery plate. "For the investment of 601 million for" an annual output of 300 million Ah energy-powered lithium battery "project, It said the current equipment has been purchased, and the level of the device has improved in the past to maintain continuous production and improve the stability of the process, and from a strategic point of view, the car is still a branch of the R & D phase.

The lithium hexafluorophosphate excess capacity rumors, which gives a detailed answer: "We do not think that excess, we use a precise data analysis, 2015 global sales of 11,500 tons or so, is expected to have 50% next year, profit growth. The data refer to the nominal capacity of 40,000 tons, and its actual production capacity of 30,000 tons, in addition, we have not counted the increase in demand for Tesla, European companies next year, demand growth is also expected next year, the basic balance of production and sales, Quarter, slightly volatile, next year the overall actual production capacity of about 30,200 tons.
18650 battery pack
Wisdom Energy's wholly-owned subsidiary of the Far East Foster New Energy Co., Ltd. is the largest domestic production and sales volume of 18650 ternary lithium battery manufacturing enterprises, ranking second only to South Korea's Samsung and Japan's Matsushita. According to the wisdom of the announcement of the previous release of energy, the company plans to raise 3.114 billion yuan, of which 2.514 billion yuan will be invested in a wholly owned subsidiary of the Far East Foster annual output of 3GWh high energy density lithium battery power construction projects. The reporter interviewed to Far East, general manager of Cai Dong, said the project is advancing, mainly to 18650 ternary lithium battery, which is mainly used in passenger cars and logistics vehicles, investment is expected to Nissan 2 million daily, basically Beyond Japan and South Korea to reach the world's first scale. "As long as the market position, the future long-term development of the profits are guaranteed."

Safety of the ternary lithium battery how to protect, Cai Dong said that the company's products from the start of the battery itself, from the PACK to prevent means to do a good battery supplier of this piece of the development of additives to protect the release of heat instantaneous protection valve Can safely open. Cai Dong said that the company is currently focusing on ternary lithium battery cell plate, will be bigger and stronger, and strive to do enough battery size, there is a certain market space and to achieve. Turning to the future performance of the company's impact on the entire listed company, he said: "For the future profit on the Group's profits and sales in more than half." For the Far East Foster 300 million replenishment of the Jiangsu subsidiary will also layout energy storage market , Cai Dong said that in the new energy, the future in Jiangxi to power-based, Jiangsu to storage-based.
In addition, BYD Power Battery Division Vice President Sun Huajun said BYD 2016 new energy passenger car sales is expected to 12 million, electric bus sales is expected to 15,000. In the battery business, 2015 BYD annual sales of 3.69GWh, 2016 sales are expected to more than 8GWh, and these 8 GWh batteries are all lithium iron phosphate batteries. It said that from a security point of view, although the lifepo4 battery in the technical route there are a lot of controversy, but still insist on BYD lithium iron phosphate as the main application of new energy vehicles products.
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