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Power Battery Market Demand Will Increase 17%

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-10 11:05:45
Research shows that in the second half of 2016, China actively banned the application of new energy vehicles to subsidize floating state, and delay the state subsidy release schedule, further affecting the market demand for lifepo4 battery. With the investigation gradually come to an end, in 2017 China's new energy vehicle market is expected to resume the fiery, and re-ignite the power battery needs.
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Relevant agencies estimate that the global demand for battery power will increase from 1.7 billion in 2016 to 2 billion in 2017, an annual increase of 17%.

China's new energy vehicles are the focus of power battery market focus on the project, especially when the proportion of passenger cars increased, is bound to drive the market demand for cylindrical lithium batteries. 2016 In the first half of the strong demand for power batteries, regardless of notebook computer power or power with the cylindrical lithium batteries are continuing to tight supply and prices until the second half of China to postpone the amount of subsidies, the indirect restrictions on China's battery market, the overall power lifepo4 battery pack Demand growth slowed.

Looking ahead to 2017, the new issue of China's new energy vehicle subsidies will have the opportunity to announce. 2016 growth in demand in the second half after the slowing down in 2017, China's new energy vehicle demand is expected to improve, power battery demand will further resume steady growth.
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