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Power Battery Manufacture Upgrade

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 11:36:01
Car BatteryRelative to the cathode material production problems, power battery manufacturing upgrade is more urgent, the situation is more complex. As the core of new energy vehicles, how to quickly improve performance indicators, reduce production costs has become the core industry-focused proposition.

In fact, the domestic power battery manufacturing is currently facing the main problem is that most of the power battery equipment can only achieve the automation of certain sections, from the fully automated and information technology there is a large distance, many devices on the data platform is still not set up stand up. The entire power battery production process control has not yet formed a complete specification and standards, including incoming, humidity, pole tension and many other factors are uncontrollable state, a direct result of the industry's production efficiency and product yield are at a low Level.

Large-scale production of battery power will be an inevitable trend, for the domestic solar power batteries business, the traditional manufacturing model to get rid of the "Fortress", intelligent manufacturing has become the only way to upgrade.

Industry experts, intelligent manufacturing can be from technical innovation, organizational innovation and innovation model to start with dimensions. First, technological progress is a key factor in the development of advanced manufacturing. Since the middle of the last century, the development of science and technology has entered a new era, the rapid development of electronic information technology and automation technology to the Internet as the representative of the information technology revolution for the manufacturing industry has injected new vitality, power battery industry should be good at using Computer integrated manufacturing, agile manufacturing, virtual manufacturing technology.

Second, organizational innovation is the soul of advanced manufacturing development. In recent years, the diversification of market demand for industrial manufacturing to force more variety, small batch, shorten the production cycle direction, rigid manufacturing model is gradually replaced by flexible manufacturing model, with the corresponding power battery production organization, but also by the pyramid Bureaucratic management to the flat, matrix management direction of evolution.

Third, "smart manufacturing" is not turned out of the concept, but the manufacturing industry based on its internal development logic, after a long period of evolution and integration of the gradual formation. It can be said that the intelligent manufacturing of power battery is an advanced manufacturing system integrating technology innovation, mode innovation and organization innovation, which is integrated manufacturing, lean production, agile manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, network manufacturing and so on, with the change of market demand. Advanced manufacturing systems and models.

From the three dimensions of technological innovation, organizational innovation and model innovation to understand the http://www.storagebattery-factory.com/ battery "smart manufacturing" will help us to better grasp the current status of the battery manufacturing industry, as well as the direction of future efforts to avoid blind innovation and eager to seek Into the tendency.
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