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Power Battery Industry Standard Changes Greatly

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-26 10:25:13
Power battery industry wind to the tower. November 22, the Ministry of Industry website published "automotive power battery industry standard conditions (2017)" (hereinafter referred to as "normative conditions") for comments, the time period of one month. This is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in March to develop and publish the "automotive power battery industry standard conditions", the national competent ministries for the second time on the power battery specification release of the relevant legal documents. "Standard conditions" for the power battery access requirements, only meet the requirements of enterprises to enter the Ministry of Industry and battery catalog (commonly known as "white list"), and equipped with the battery products to get new energy vehicle subsidies, previously unable to enter the Ministry of Industry Directory, the use of ternary materials, South Korean Samsung battery abandoned by the Chinese car prices.
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"Economic conditions," mainly from the production capacity, safety requirements, the current conditions of the production of the battery, "the battery industry," the battery industry standard conditions (2017) Research and development capabilities, recycling and other aspects of the adjustment and improvement. Significant changes have been made, some of which have seen dramatic changes. In addition, the new development of new energy vehicles, in the after-sales service, battery recycling, product requirements, the overall specification management has also put forward new aspects of new energy vehicles, such as new requirements, safety, research and development capabilities. Claim.

Ministry of Industry in the "normative documents" in the first "power battery" of the title modified to "power battery." Second, the production capacity, the new version provides that the annual capacity of lifepo4 battery business enterprises not less than 8 billion watts, metal hydride nickel battery business with an annual output capacity of not less than 100 million watts, super capacitor monomer Enterprises with an annual output capacity of not less than 10 million watts. System enterprises with an annual output capacity of not less than 80,000 sets or 40 billion hours. Production of various types of battery business unit, system companies, their annual production capacity to meet the above requirements were required.

Compared with the old version, the new version of the annual production capacity of solar power batteries business requirements expanded by 40 times on the metal hydride nickel battery business unit annual capacity requirements expanded by 10 times the capacity of super capacitor single enterprise capacity expansion Doubled, the enterprise system production capacity from the original 10,000 units to expand 8 times. According to the research, the only BYD to meet the standard one, CATL (Ningde era) after the end of expansion just enough to pass the line.

"I think this" normative conditions "is unreasonable." China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Secretary-General Liu Yanlong in an interview with the Economic Observer Network, said. Liu Yanlong that the move may lead to further overcapacity in the battery industry. But from another point of view, the impact on production capacity requirements can force small-scale workshop-style enterprises to withdraw. Reporter call Ningde President Huang Shilin whether the matter will affect the company, but as of press time, the other did not reply.

In addition, the "normative conditions" also requires the security, the enterprise should be within the past two years there is no production and operation and product applications of major security incidents. In terms of production, two additional requirements for monitoring and compliance were added. First, we must have a "real-time monitoring of the production environment monitoring system." Second, enterprises should have a standardized process, and the establishment of raw materials, semi-finished products, production process parameters, products such as a complete factory monitoring system, with precise control of products such as product consistency assurance capabilities.
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In the technical capacity, new equipment and research and development capabilities to the two requirements. "Standard conditions" that enterprises should be equipped with at least meet the above material analysis, research and development trial, safety evaluation, performance evaluation and other related development tools, software, research and development and test verification equipment, trial equipment (including pilot line). Second, enterprises should have a complete product development experience, and have continued investment in product R & D support capabilities.
In the product, the "standard conditions" that the power battery products should be consistent with the existing national standards, industry standards, and by a qualified car battery testing organizations related to testing qualified. Compared with the old policy, the new QCT 897-2011 electric vehicle battery management system technical conditions, and GB / T automotive power battery coding rules.
In addition, the use of new energy vehicles for larger and larger groups, the requirements for after-sales service is also growing, the "normative conditions" require enterprises to have rapid response to the power battery failure, and battery use, failure and The main problem summary analysis ability. In addition, the responsibility of the main battery recovery is not limited to the system of enterprises, all battery companies should meet the national and local power battery products on the relevant policies and regulations related to recycling.
"Normative conditions" also requires suspension of the eligibility of enterprises, should be a deadline for rectification, rectification and re-verification is still not met, will be revoked from the directory. And to fraud, bribery and other improper means to be included in the notice, are directly related to security matters, withdrawn after 3 years to suspend the admissibility of the notice application. In particular, the use of improper means to enter the announcement of the enterprise's approach, which may be found in the preliminary work related cases.

Ministry of Industry as of July 2016, issued a total of four batches of 57 in line with regulatory requirements of the power battery business directory. January to September 2016, China's new energy vehicle production 302,000, sales of 289,000, power battery shipments of more than 12 billion watts. Ministry of Industry and Statistics released statistics show that China's current battery industry capacity has more than 100 billion watts.

But for now, this "normative conditions" or normative documents, not a mandatory document. Ministry of Industry in the circular also continued, "the state in line with the norms of the automobile battery power enterprises to implement the announcement of the management of enterprises on a voluntary basis for the application." But for enterprises, can not enter the directory, it means that companies do not have official status , Must survive in the cracks, will also be questioned by consumers.
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