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Power Battery Industry Chain

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 15:41:53

The impact of power battery industry chain factors become more complex


With the power battery than the energy is getting higher and higher, more and more problems emerge. The first is the growing safety of the battery, followed by upgrading the technical threshold to bring changes in the industrial chain structure, is about enterprise survival. Technology upgrades on the power battery industry chain will have any impact, how to upgrade the technology is more reasonable, these are the power battery industry chain to be discussed.


China's battery industry and international standards, how to integrate can not exclude foreign companies, but also to support their own brands, need to study and discuss. As for attracting foreign experts to join the Chinese enterprises, Chaowei, CATL and other private enterprises have to go in front.


Analysis of the industry, from raw materials to battery monomer, from the electric vehicle to the charging infrastructure, power battery industry chain involves a wide range. The battery also can be used in solar power portable generator field. How to integrate the relationship between enterprises, affecting the future development of the industry. Is like BYD, Tesla from upstream to downstream as the vertical integration, or the same field of horizontal integration of mutual cooperation between enterprises involved in the planning of the whole industry chain.


Currently there are still high power battery recycling costs, low profitability and other issues, effective recycling business model has not yet appeared, the entire industry are in the middle of exploration. Related to raw material resources, environmental protection issues, but also need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Power battery industry is still in the midst of change


In recent years, the power battery industry has been a real support, from the policy and planning point of view, the new energy battery project is the national long-term scientific and technological development plan focused on supporting the special. Multi-party efforts, the rapid rise of the power battery industry growth.


However, the executive vice president of China Electric Vehicle 100 will Ouyang Ming Gao said that the current power battery industry is in the process of transformation and technological upgrading, after all, how much power battery leading enterprise size, power battery technology innovation to achieve what extent, the whole Industry chain collaborative development to take what mode, these questions are in the change in the power battery industry increased uncertainty. And now our batteries is not only for power battery, but also for portable solar power generator.


Industry experts admitted that, although the domestic power battery industry chain has been formed, but most of the statement with the power battery production capacity of the enterprise did not produce new energy vehicles through the test or application of finished products, some companies produce lithium-ion battery and vehicle The sample is provided in the original small-capacity battery production line or pilot line developed.


In addition, due to China's automobile battery industry in the early stages of industry, technology changes very quickly, there is no certain R & D, size and financial support, it is difficult to obtain rapid development, the industry is facing reshuffle, the process of survival of the fittest or in recent Year to complete.


Global business growth consulting firm released a report that the plight of China's lithium battery industry is a serious excess capacity and much foreign squeeze. Whether or not alarmist, in the consumer market is not yet fully mature, China's auto battery industry, there are worries and variables.

Domestic and foreign power battery industry horizontal contrast


Product development, the domestic batteries base on LiFePO4 batteries; abroad is basically based on ternary materials; anode materials to graphite-based materials.


From the technical level of the whole industry chain comparison, China, Japan and South Korea in the first group, the Japanese battery technology in the development of a leading position in South Korea in the application of the product to do more, and the whole industry chain is the world's most complete , The production capacity is the world's largest, research and development and industrialization of the input is relatively the world's largest.


From the market share, like the domestic CATL, such as power of God, BAK and other enterprises in the field of lithium-ion batteries in the world in the forefront. But the product uniformity and system integration, including the degree of automation of production lines, with foreign advanced level there are some gaps.

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