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Polysilicon Market Declined

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 10:17:58
solarNot only Chinese market continues deserted, the United States, Japan, Europe, India and other markets also demand flat, the market is still looking forward to China began large-scale power plant tender, pull goods, orders to begin thawing. The decline in the prices and too deep, and the need to be in the fourth quarter after having first-tier manufacturers inventory digestion, in order to make the requirements reflected in the price, obviously the situation is not optimistic in October.

Polysilicon has been around as expected, began to slow down, the subsequent decline of polycrystalline silicon wafers will drive the continued decline in value. And polysilicon prices reflect slower market situation is expected to decline in the future will be intensified this year microscopic rebound.

A polysilicon film, wire factory in August only slightly reduce the utilization rate, so that inventories continued to accumulate, and then a wave of the decline occurred in September. In particular, plant cells, low utilization rate, but also plunged volume silicon, silicon plant for the sake of order, drive prices have fallen sharply this week. Chinese prices fell from last week's RMB 4.7 ~ 4.9 / pc fast to RMB 4.5 / pc less, Taiwan is also generally lower than US $ 0.62 / pc, in the case last week, the lowest instant becomes the highest price this week, and more acceleration wafer latest offer record lows.

Cell is the decline in the deepest section, sold more plant cells to make substantial loss orders do thanks. September, the situation is more sluggish, monocrystalline almost no demand, Taiwan solar powered protable generator cell factory utilization rate continued to edge lower, the average utilization rate of less than five percent, the price is also lower than the US $ 0.215 / W, but not warmed demand, inventory accumulation, also makes the solar cell prices can not fall at the end of September.

Fortunately, China "leader plan" requires the use of efficient battery, single, polycrystalline perc product recently asked high volume mass production although Taiwan perc, and efficiency second to none, but also led to the general decline in battery perc price decline in value significantly, the current conversion 20.8% efficiency monocrystalline perc prices to US $ 0.28 / W up and down, polycrystalline perc is between about US $ 0.255 ~ 0.26 / W.

Chinese domestic spot prices have components to between RMB 2.95 ~ 3.15 / W, approximately equivalent to US $ 0.39 / W or so. Continued record low prices also affected the market prices higher in the past, the United States, Japan prices fell rapidly, making the global assembly plant is also facing great challenges.
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