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Photovoltaic power generation just like the TV set, will become a standard household

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-12 19:46:18
he TV, from the beginning of the last century in 80s, into our every family, people you remember when dozens of people crowded to see a black and white TV era, it certainly can not think every family has a tv. Now the TV has family standard. The television is on, seven on the evening news broadcast, only then has the family atmosphere.

Photovoltaic power generation can be so fire is always part of the spare equipment, installed on the roof, on behalf of the fashion trend. If the installation of the early, local media also reported, after all, is the first person to eat crabs, when really famous people, rather then the first village to buy a TV set, the village people to feel you watching TV at home.

solar panel

Why is the photovoltaic power generation will become a family like TV, the standard?

1 countries vigorously promote photovoltaic power generation, the country

Photovoltaic power generation in the past two years why so rapid development, mainly to promote the national policy. Rapid economic development, China is facing increasing pressure on the environment, and to encourage the development of distributed photovoltaic.

The construction of distributed photovoltaic roof in business or residents on the roof, does not occupy extra resources, close to the power generation side, is one of the main forms of the future, every family can produce electricity into the grid, the self occupied power over the Internet "or" full screen "mode.

Now building distributed PV, not only to get subsidies of 0.42 yuan per kilowatt, as there are various types of local government subsidies and other incentives to encourage.

Photovoltaic power generation home

2 not consumables, but a tool to make money

Photovoltaic power generation is relatively TV is different, it is not a kind of consumables, it can continue to make money for 25 years, to provide a stable cash flow. The owners of their own roof photovoltaic investment, only need one-time investment, 25 years can not only reduce electricity costs, can get a lot of state subsidies, the yield can be more than 10%, for ordinary owners, but this is easy way of managing money.

Development to now, photovoltaic power generation is not only a tool for environmental protection, but also a good financial management of the owners, households with photovoltaic power generation is gradually into the homes of ordinary people.

households with photovoltaic power generation

The 3 worry and effort, the normal operation of General Electric

Many owners say that photovoltaic power generation, since as a power generation equipment, really no noise no pollution no radiation it? Photovoltaic power generation is the way, the use of solar energy for photovoltaic conversion, installed on the roof are very safe. And the power generation process and no loss, can be used for a long period of 25 years, 20% years after the estimated attenuation of 25.

More importantly, the photovoltaic power generation as well as television, every day the normal boot shutdown, automatic operation is unlikely to have problems, not how to maintenance, regular free wipe photovoltaic panels on the line, worry and effort, even the elderly children can maintain

households with solar power generation system

Many people don't know how it is that the photovoltaic power generation, high-tech, in fact it as well as television, every family will become a standard electrical, but every day it is power, but also to the family money appliances.

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