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Photovoltaic building integration of the six major advantages

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 13:38:27

At present in the city of photovoltaic power plant construction projects, the use of photovoltaic building integration can save resources, save space, so that the real PV and urban architecture integration, the following, I would like to introduce, BIPV specific installation forms and requirements . BIPV (photovoltaic building integration) the main form of installation to the following: 


1. To meet the requirements of architectural aesthetics

BIPV architecture is first of all a building, it is the architect of art, the success of the key point is that the appearance of the building effect. In the BIPV building, we can through the relevant design of the junction box, bypass diodes, cables and other hidden in the curtain wall structure. This can prevent direct sunlight and rain erosion, but also will not affect the appearance of the building, to achieve the perfect combination with the building to achieve the idea of building masters.


2. To meet the building lighting requirements

Light is the soul of the building, its high demands on the light. The BIPV architecture is a double-sided glass unit with a smooth, ultra-white tempered glass that can achieve specific transmittance by adjusting the arrangement of cells or using perforated silicon cells, even in the building's sightseeing area. Through the requirements. Of course, the greater the transmittance of the PV modules, the thinner the arrangement of the cells, the smaller their power generation.


3. To meet the safety performance requirements of the building

BIPV components not only need to meet the performance requirements of PV modules, but also to meet the curtain wall of the three experimental requirements and building safety performance requirements, so the need for higher than the normal mechanical properties of components and the use of different structural methods. In different locations, different floor height, different installation methods, its glass mechanical performance requirements may be completely different.

BIPV used in the construction of double glass PV module is composed of two pieces of tempered glass, the middle of PVB film composite solar cell composite layer composition, solar battery include LiFePO4 battery pack, the battery between the wire by the string, parallel collection of the overall lead-side components. Toughened glass thickness is in accordance with national building codes and curtain wall specifications, through rigorous mechanical calculation of the results. The PVB film in the middle of the module has good adhesion, toughness and elasticity. It absorbs the impact and can prevent the impactor from penetrating. Even if the glass breaks, the debris will stick to the PVB film and will not fall off. Wounding, so that the harm may be reduced to a minimum, improve the safety performance of buildings.


4. To meet the installation requirements

BIPV building is the combination of PV modules and glass curtain wall. Curtain wall in China since the development of 30 years, all kinds of curtain wall forms have a more mature design and installation techniques. Component-type curtain wall construction means flexible, the main structure to adapt to strong, mature technology, is currently using the most structural form. Unit curtain wall in the factory, easy to achieve industrial production, reduce labor costs, control unit quality, thus shortening the construction period for the owners to bring greater economic benefits. The double-decked ventilation curtain wall system has the advantages of ventilation, heat insulation, sound insulation, energy saving and environmental protection, and can improve the heat dissipation of the BIPV module, reduce the temperature of the battery sheet, reduce the loss of efficiency of the module and reduce heat transfer to the room. BIPV building is simple, is to use BIPV photovoltaic modules to replace the ordinary tempered glass, its structure is basically the same with the traditional glass curtain wall can be connected. This makes the installation of BIPV PV modules have a strong technical foundation and advantages, can fully meet the requirements of easy installation.


5. Can have the advantages of long life

Ordinary PV module encapsulation with the plastic is generally EVA. As the EVA anti-aging performance is not strong, the service life of less than 50 years, not with the building with the life and EVA yellow will affect the appearance of the building and the system's power generation. The PVB film has a transparent, heat, cold, moisture, high mechanical strength, and has matured in construction. Domestic glass curtain wall specification also clearly put forward the "application PVB" provisions. BIPV PV modules use PVB instead of EVA can achieve longer service life. At present, the foreign Schott and Schuco, the domestic Guangdong King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has mastered the more mature PVB packaging technology, photovoltaic components.

In addition, BIPV system, the choice of photovoltaic wire (double-layer XLPE tinned copper wire), the choice of large wire diameter, and the use of excellent performance connectors and other equipment, can extend the BIPV PV system life, the PV system include portable solar power generator.


6. With the green effect

BIPV buildings can provide enough area for photovoltaic system, do not need another land, but also eliminates the need for photovoltaic system support structure; solar silicon cells are solid-state semiconductor devices, power generation without rotating parts, no noise, the environment will not cause Pollution; BIPV buildings can be used for their own use, reducing the cost of power transmission process and energy consumption, reducing transmission and distribution of the investment and maintenance costs. And strong sunshine happens to be the peak period of electricity consumption, BIPV system can not only guarantee its own electricity within the building, under certain conditions may also supply power to the grid to ease the peak demand for electricity, has great social benefits; General fossil fuel power generation caused by serious air pollution, which for the environmental requirements of today and the future is extremely important.

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