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Photovoltaic Panels Sales Soared In North Korea

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-05-03 12:45:19
According to Reuters, sales of photovoltaic panels that are cheap and easy to install have soared in North Korea, indicating that North Korea’s electricity demand has risen.

According to the report, in North Korea, photovoltaic panels and voltage regulators were used exclusively by labor party officials and are now sold publicly in the market and hardware outlets of Pyongyang department stores. Among them, 20-watt photovoltaic panels sell for less than 350,000 North Korea. yuan. According to the black market's exchange rate of 1 US dollar to about 8,000 Korean dollars, the above panel price is equivalent to 44 US dollars. North Korea’s official exchange rate is 1 US dollar against 96 Korean dollars.
Photovoltaic Panels Sales Soared In North Korea
It is difficult to obtain relevant accurate data from North Korea, but from a recent picture of the urban situation in North Korea obtained by Reuters, it appears that about 10-15% of urban apartment buildings have small photovoltaic panels mounted on their windows or balconies.

According to reports, in North Korea, electricity is given priority to factories and areas with important political status. According to Tristan Webb, a former UK foreign ministry analyst who visited the North Korean power plant in 2013, North Korea’s annual power generation is about 33 TWh, which is equivalent to only about 7% of South Korea's electricity generation.
Photovoltaic Panels Sales Soared In North Korea-1
Pyongyang has a photovoltaic cell panel factory, and official propaganda claims that related technologies have been used “effectively” on photovoltaic streetlights in other cities. North Korea’s official media stated on April 21 that North Korea is working hard to use renewable energy to “make up for power shortages”. “Compared to last year, (mounted) photovoltaic panels have at least tripled,” said Simon Cockerell, general manager of Beijing Koryo Tours Travel Service, telling Reuters from Pyongyang. He often goes to North Korea. "Some (photovoltaic panels) are locally produced, so the price may have fallen."

According to reports, in the Chinese city of Dandong, which borders North Korea, a large number of billboards for photovoltaic panels and batteries are hanging outside shops, attracting traders from North Korea. “North Koreans started buying solar power generator solar panels from us two years ago,” said Yang Yanmeng, a Shandong businessman who started selling photovoltaic panels in 2012. "Now, 80% to 90% of our company's products are sold to North Korea," he told Reuters on the phone.
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