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Photovoltaic Effect Of Solar Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-04 11:27:08
Impurity semiconductor and intrinsic semiconductor is different in its carrier carrier majority carrier) and the minority carrier of the two impurity semiconductor is the difference between the main carrier; impurity element in the The electrons or holes generated after the ions due to covalent bondage can not move;solar powered portable generator regardless of semiconductor or semiconductor, their internal charge is balanced, that is, the number of positive and negative charge equal. The two impurity semiconductor phase, will have a semiconductor technology and application of the most important mechanism of the formation of the mechanism can be summarized as follows:

The difference in the concentration of electrons and holes in the two semiconductors results in a process in which the electrons in the plastic semiconductor diffuse and recombine with their holes, whereas the holes in the "semiconductor" diffuse and recombine with the electrons of the semiconductors; The diffusion leads to the decrease of the main carrier concentration on both sides of the interface and the formation of a space charge region composed of unmovable charged ions. The continuation of the diffusion will lead to the widening of the space charge region portable solar power generator and the enhancement of the internal electric field. The main carrier current is balanced by the diffusion of the junction and the obstruction of the electric field, and the width of the space charge region and the intensity of the internal electric field are finally stabilized.
In the stable state without external factors, the number of carriers in the space charge region is very small, so it is also called the depletion layer. In the steady state, the width and the potential difference of the space charge region reach a constant value, and the size of these constant values is mainly determined by the material properties (such as doping concentration) near the junction, portable solar power generator and this local concentration increase is inevitable Figure 2-5 Photovoltatic voltmeter principle should be the main carrier toward the external contact surface diffusion direction, resulting in the external contact surface between the upper and lower voltage. If the wires are used to connect the upper and lower contact surfaces to generate current in the external loop, the resulting short-circuit current is proportional to the number of electron-hole pairs generated in the junction region.

Then, the electron-hole pairs generated in the region near the PN junction region are considered. The resulting holes are minority carriers in the region and, if they do not experience recombination before the end of their life cycle, may enter the PN junction region due to thermal motion, with the result that it will operate under the influence of an internal electric field Rapidly crossing the junction region, portable solar power generator the region into the main carrier. Note that the electrons in Si have already become the main carriers in the ~ region, so the effect of the electron-hole pair in the region outside the junction but close to the bonding is the same. The electron-hole pairs produced in the region near the junction are also similar to the case where pairs of electron-hole pairs generated in regions far from the junction may disappear due to recombination before reaching the junction.

To sum up, because of the irradiation of light in the semiconductor material to produce electron-hole pairs, these electron hole pairs in the electric field under the action of the separation movement, in which electrons move to the "area, while the hole is moved to the ^ Which leads to the appearance of voltage on the external terminal and can generate current through external circuit, which is the effect of photovoltaic effect.Using the semiconductor light bulb effect can produce portable solar power generator. TAG: Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California Korean SolarEdge