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Photovoltaic Cell Efficiency Increased To 70%

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-04 12:05:02
In addition to a very small number of geothermal energy through the survival of micro-organisms, all of our earth's energy sources of life are the sun, if we can collect the sun for the day of radiation, can be used for the whole human year.
Photovoltaic Cell Efficiency increased to 70%
Solar energy contains high energy, and we currently use it mainly solar powered portable generator panels, which use the semiconductor silicon and other materials will be too light energy can be converted to electrical energy. Currently the highest conversion rate of solar cells will be about 30%, while the roof is located in general or consumer products in the solar cell conversion rate of only 18%. Recently, Israel's Technion Institute of Technology has made a breakthrough, the existing photovoltaic cell efficiency increased to 70%.

Solar energy is mainly in the form of electromagnetic radiation surface, in which visible radiation energy is the largest, the University of Israel has developed a new material, it applied to solar panels, can improve the utilization of visible light energy , How to achieve specific, huh, huh, studied for a long time did not understand, not loaded here.
Photovoltaic Cell Efficiency increased to 70%
In short, if this technology can be widely promoted, then the solar power batteries may usher in a new spring, to the roof of the electric car to install a solar panel, maybe it will be like a mobile phone, a day like a charge, Completely bid farewell to the short life problems. The large-scale laying of the Tesla solar roof also makes sense.

The research is published in Nature Communications, a natural communication journal, and continues to be researched and planned for commercial use in the next five years, but it is not known whether it will be like a lot of battery technology , Because of cost and durability and other issues, after all, can only stay in the laboratory.
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