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Perovskite Solar Cells With Environmentally Friendly

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-11 16:31:33
Researchers at Warwick University said they could replace lead with tin to produce an environmentally friendly perovskite solar powered portable generator cell that would not have any impact on product efficiency or performance.

"We hope this work will inspire an in-depth study of lead-free perovskite solar cells, just as lead-based battery research has led to amazing progress in lead batteries," Dr. Hatton said.
Perovskite Solar Cells With Environmentally Friendly
In a paper published in the journal Nature Energy, the team claims that tin is a cheaper alternative, and tin-based perovskite cells can accelerate the deployment of this technology in a range of solar power generator applications. The tin-perovskite material is more stable, less expensive and safer than previously thought to have significant advantages in reducing manufacturing costs and is also more commercially attractive.

According to the researchers, the efficiency of perovskite-free photovoltaic devices without a hole-selective interface is about 10 times the efficiency of those based on methyl lead iodide perovskite structures. CsSnl3 photovoltaic cells are currently the highest efficiency of 3.56%.

This study has demonstrated that the SnCl2 fullerene-containing electron transport layer perovskite thin films exhibit improved performance and porosity while the stability of unencapsulated CsSnI3 is at least an order of magnitude greater than that of lead perovskite . These findings demonstrate the value of the in-depth study of tin-perovskite photovoltaic.
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