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Panda Solar Power Plants

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 20:03:44

Panda solar power plantsIn "Panda solar power plants" as the carrier, United Solar Group and UNDP aimed at young people to promote the concept of sustainable development of the popularity of young people to become the future promoters of green energy.

The implementation of "panda solar power plants" program is not only a climate change strategy for the practical implementation of the United Nations, and will be the best example of the government, business and society to promote new energy applications.

More importantly, panda solar power plant will stimulate young people's interest and investment in sustainable development, thus becoming a major force in response to global climate change. Young added earlier will further promote all social forces to tackle climate change.

solar powered protable generator plant in accordance with the Chinese national treasure panda panda image design construction, will cover about 1,500 acres, with a total installed capacity of 50MW.

Black part by silicon solar photovoltaic cells, thin film solar cells by gray constitution. The project will be financed jointly build photovoltaic.

First Solar, Sun Power, IBM, Apple, Huawei, POWERCHINA, sun power, photovoltaic and Takamoto will jointly participate in this project.
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