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Panasonic Perovskite-Type Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-04 10:15:49
According to Japanese media reports, Panasonic practical application of a new generation of thin solar cells has been basically determined that the battery production is convenient, and can be bent to overcome the durability of the biggest obstacle to the problem, can be used continuously for 2 to 3 years.

Panasonic developed a "perovskite type" of solar powered portable generator solar cells. Manufacturing only through the printing method of organic materials can be coated, the cost is low. The battery is thin and soft, can be attached to the stadium's circular roof or curved walls, but also for wearable equipment, even if attached to the glass window will not affect the light transmission.
Solar Cells
It is understood that the earlier perovskite-type solar cells in power generation efficiency and durability have great flaws. Panasonic and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, together to improve the light-generating power generation layer. Studies have found that by adding metal rubidium to conventional materials, it is possible to produce pure crystals with few defects and remarkably improve the durability of the battery.

Matsushita said, 4 mm square size perovskite-type trial battery power generation efficiency of 21.6%. Although the mainstream than the current record of silicon solar cells 4.7 percentage points lower, but in perovskite-type solar cells reached the top level. The perovskite type solar cell was subjected to a durability test in accordance with a standard method. In the 85 ° C temperature, humidity 85% of the harsh environment of continuous power generation, after 3 weeks to confirm the performance did not decline, is expected to be in normal circumstances can be used 2-3 years.

Matsushita will continue in the future to maintain high-performance battery while promoting large-scale research. The durability of the battery will be further improved, in order to achieve the manufacture of new long-life portable solar power generator cells. In addition, Panasonic said that the current cost of manufacturing new solar cells and the original the same.
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