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Panasonic Increases 30% Battery Production

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-08-06 12:07:56
As the demand for Tesla Model 3 gradually increases, the problem of insufficient capacity is gradually revealed, so Panasonic decided to produce 21700 batteries produced by Tesla's super battery factory Gigafactory by the end of 2018. Increase by more than 30%.
Panasonic Increases 30% Battery Production
At present, Panasonic will add three lithium-ion battery production lines to the Gigafactory plant, which will reach the scale of 13 battery production lines and increase the battery production capacity by 30%. This measure can give the Tesla Model 3 5,000 units per week. Capacity needs to be supported.
Panasonic Increases 30% Battery Production 00

The capacity of the Model 3 has been criticized. Of course, a large part of the reason is because the battery, modules and packaging of the Gigafactory factory are limited, so the 30% increase in battery capacity can meet the production facilities of the Tesla Fremont plant. The required battery requirements meet the needs of Tesla Energy Powerwalls and Tesla Energy Storage Powerpacks produced at the Gigafactory plant.

Panasonic Increases 30% Battery Production 01

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