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Pacific Gas Utility-Scale Battery Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-13 21:31:58
Pacific Gas Utility-Scale Battery StoragePacific Gas successfully completed a technology demonstration project to explore the performance of solar powered portable generator battery storage systems in the California electricity market.

The project began in 2014 with a two-megawatt Vaca-Dixon and 4-megawatt Yerba Buena battery storage system in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) market. In particular, the Yerba Buena system participates both in the market and as a backup in the event of interference or disruption.

PG & E prepared a report that included an overview of the market engagement process and the challenge of operating battery resources on the grid.

"We see tremendous potential for energy storage systems to benefit California," said Kevin Dasso, PG & E's vice president of electrical asset management. "Through this demonstration, PG & E solved several obstacles and gained an incredible experience in battery storage operations . We identified and addressed challenging implementation issues, established a new interconnection process, and developed an automated dispatching system as a platform for continued market engagement.
During the project, PG & E developed and deployed a scalable technology platform to automate current and future battery storage resources to respond to the CAISO market, quantify the financial performance of the solar power generator battery system, identify opportunities associated with running dual-purpose energy storage and Challenge the system.

The project also includes the task of implementing processes and technologies to enable the efficient operation of battery storage resources.

"When we started the project, there was no battery in the CAISO market, so the only information about battery market performance came from the economic model," said Manho Yeung, PG & E's senior director of drive asset management.

"With the deployment of a new technology type in the CAISO market, PG & E has developed new workflows and procedures, as well as a new IT technology platform to make it all right." We have successfully tested the battery's performance in the market, Now that we have put these elements in place, it will be easier to bring the future of battery systems online.

Next year, PG & E will use Yerba Buena batteries for another demonstration involving the use of smart inverters and battery storage controlled through distributed energy management systems to coordinate third-party distributed energy sources such as residential and commercial solar energy.
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