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PV System Performance Analysis

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 12:10:04
For solar power generation systems have been built, it is necessary to PV system performance analysis. The main purpose of performance analysis is to understand the working conditions of the solar power generation system has been built, to see whether the system can work properly; identify the main factors affecting the system performance by analyzing various parameters for future PV system construction experience data . So the need for portable solar power generator system has been built for long-term cumulative observation to understand the working process of the system, understand the various factors on the performance of the system components and overall work performance and impact assessment system.

In order to obtain a more comprehensive analysis of the results, at least for a full work year data observation and analysis. Performance analysis is an important part of understanding the output of the solar power battery module, the solar power that is the case of the solar battery module with temperature, radiation changes the relationship between changes. You can organize the recorded data into a table or graph form visually describe the system is working. The following are several commonly used output curve describes the case of the solar battery module.
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In theory, the output of the solar cell module has a great influence factor is battery-chip temperature and solar components of solar cell modules of the received solar power generation. So in order to be analyzed, there is a need to sort out the whole relationship between the solar cell module temperature and ambient temperature, and the relationship between the output of the solar cell module with the weather conditions change and change. Through the analysis of a variety of curves, you can find out the main factors affecting the PV system output.

A photovoltaic solar system in May the average temperature, ambient temperature - time curve, as well as sunny, cloudy and rainy days, the solar cell module output comparison chart. As can be seen from the figure, the temperature of the solar cell of the solar radiation increases considerably exceed the ambient temperature, so as to cause the output of the lifePo4 batteries are reduced. As can be seen from the figure, the weather changes have a huge impact on the output of the solar cell module. From these the actual accumulation of data drawn graphics can give us a practical and intuitive factors affecting the output of the solar cell module, understand these realities, in turn, can guide us to the system design. The theory allows us to be closer to the actual design work.

After the case of the known solar cell module output for independent and hybrid systems, taking into account the need to load the solar power generation system can also make a solar cell module output load requirements - time curve based on the curve can understand every of the year a month, the output of the solar cell module is able to meet the actual demand load.
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Obviously output curve of the solar cell module must be located above the load demand curve, if the actual data led solar power battery module output is less than the load curve portion of the demand curve, it shows that the system will be blackouts, and possibly due to over discharge damage to the battery. If it is an independent system, which shows the design of the system on a problem, select the parent of the lifePo4 battery capacity is less than the actual needs; if the hybrid system, it can be calculated from the difference between the energy of each month of the diesel engine contribution to understand the actual work of the oil machine to see the design of aircraft maintenance is expected to make the theory of the case is reasonable, and if the discrepancy between the theoretical design, will have to make the appropriate adjustments.

The solar power battery module output DC load and AC load consumption of a comprehensive comparative analysis, which can be drawn monthly and annual operation of the system. Further understanding and the exchange of control DC control section and the inverter section efficiency. The output of the solar battery module and DC load power consumption of the difference between the actual reflection of the DC control section (including the storage battery of solar power portable generator system) efficiency situation. The difference, the larger the loss of the DC system.

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