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PV project have been build in Haimen, the capacity for solar power system are 4000kw

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-24 17:40:58
Recently, Haimen company tetramethylbutyl powered by electricity construction workders came to Jiang’s home, to build rooftop PV power generation on-grid China Unicom, which is the 14th on-grid PV project in this city.on grid solar power system
  As the reporter said, there are 34 pieces solar panels on Jiang’s roof, a small wire is on the back of the solar panel, those small wires are get together to two main cable, the main cable is connected to the solar inverters that can transfer DC power into AC power. Jiang told reporter that the solar panel will produce electricity when the light expose to it. Energy transported by these small wires to the main cable, the two main cable transfer the electric power to inverter, so the DC power produced by solar energy becomes AC power, and directly transfer power to company’s electricity through the meter installed on the first floor.DC TO ac solar power inverter
  Jiang engaged in the field of hydropower installation in the other country, and he was concerned about the photovoltaic power generation three years ago, he learned that there are preferential policies for residents to install solar power generator project in our country, so he have a idea to try. This time he invested 60 thousand yuan to install 10-kilowatt solar power generator on his roof.
  These solar panels generate more than 40 degrees electricity per day, we usually use 10 degrees for homes, and we can sell the rest to the national grid, it is expected to recover investment within 6-7 years. Jiang said, he invested to PV project is not to make money, the main reason is that the project can saving energy and protecting environment.
   As the responsible person from Haimen power company marketing center said, until now, 14 units and individuals have building solar backup generator on-grid operation in this city, The total installed capacity of 4,000kw. Where residents miniature photovoltaic power stations are 5, 9 enterprises photovoltaic power generation projects. Jialv Co., Ltd is the largest distributed photovoltaic power generation capacity enterprises. they uses plant roof area of 26,100 square meters, installed capacity of 2000 kilowatts, in December 2014 and put into on-grid operation.
It is understood that on and off grid solar power system project is encouraged by our country, the state subsidies 0.42yuan per Kilowatt-hour for electricity generated, while the average price of electricity in the Enterprise 0.9 yuan per kilowatt-hour, so for enterprises, the use of each electricity can save the cost of $1.32 yuan. Wu yang chemical is the first city to do this, in 2010, they implemented into the park project, to take all the planar design for new plant, it’s the ideal for the construction of solar off grid system project. Haimen power company have promote the distributed off grid solar system,. in July 2011, five foreign chemical photovoltaic project was officially approved.
  A year later, the project have go through the approval of provincial power grid company. They have used PV electricity. Now, five foreign companies have installed 8 roof-mounted solar panels of 4796. the total installed capacity of 380 kilowatts. As the responsible person Mr liu said, since the solar generator kit have put into operation, it has been generating 600 thousand kilowatts, saving 600 thousand yuan for the enterprises.
  The preferential policy for the off grid solar system have ushered the spring for distributed PV development. It is understood that there are two Haimen distributed photovoltaic power generation projects are being implemented this year, Construction total installed capacity of 6000 kilowatts of solar electric generator module, the project has been basically completed, and will soon on-grid. Total steel crown use the roof area 89,000 square meters, building a total installed capacity of 5700 kilowatts of solar power generation project, which has already started preliminary design.

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