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PV power generation system produce common problems and countermeasures

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 11:06:22

1. distributed PV grid connected system of power generation monitoring and metering data is the same? How big is the error?


Solution: distributed PV grid connected system of solar power generator monitoring data and electric meter measurement data is not necessarily the same. If the same amount of electrical energy metering device is used at the same point, the accuracy is exactly the same; the data should be the same. But the use of monitoring equipment of grid connected photovoltaic system is often used to build their own system of units and equipment, metering equipment is often installed power sector equipment, so the equipment is different, the data may have some gap. How much of the error depends on the specific circumstances. Electricity and subsidy costs of the settlement is based on the power sector to install the metering equipment.

 PV power generation

2. how to estimate the generation of distributed PV grid connected system?


Answer: to estimate the amount of photovoltaic power generation system, the need to know the system installation of the effective local daylight time, system efficiency, system installation capacity. For example, a 1000 Watt photovoltaic system, the installation location for Beijing, effective sunshine time is 4 hours, the efficiency of grid connected photovoltaic system known as the 80% generation of the system, so the formula = assembly capacity * * effective number of sunshine hours system efficiency of =1000 * 4 * 0.8=3200wh, about 3.2 of electricity.


3. how to get the country's electricity subsidies?


Solution: power grid enterprises to guide and cooperate with the project unit to carry out a distributed PV grid operation and acceptance of the project, and the project unit signed a purchase and sale of electricity contracts. Power grid enterprises on enterprise distributed PV projects all the power generation and Internet consumption were measured. Subsidies for distributed photovoltaic power generation projects. Power grid enterprises should be in accordance with the provisions of the tariff and project settlement unit Internet electricity consumption, and according to the state regulations on electricity subsidy policy, the project total generating capacity on a monthly basis to the project units to pay national subsidy funds.


4. industrial and commercial users to install photovoltaic power generation system, what are the benefits?


Answer: Industrial and commercial users to install solar backup generator system has the benefits of industrial and commercial power consumption and high price, the proportion of self occupied, the recovery period is short, high rate of return; in addition the photovoltaic system has energy-saving emission reduction of social benefits, can help users to complete the industrial energy-saving emission reduction targets, especially the pilot city to carry out low carbon trading in the.


5. photovoltaic power generation system with noise hazards?


Answer: photovoltaic power generation system is the conversion of solar energy into electricity, will not produce noise impact, the inverter noise index is not higher than 65 dB, there will be no noise impact.

6. photovoltaic module houses, even the shadow of the leaves impact on the power system?


Answer: photovoltaic assembly houses on the shadow, even leaves the guano blocking will cause a relatively large impact on the power system. The electrical characteristics of the solar power batteries used in each component are basically the same, or the so-called hot spot effect will be produced on the battery which is not good or blocked. A series of solar cell modules covered branch, will be treated as load consumption generated by solar cell module other light energy, solar cell module covered at this time may have a fever, this is the hot spot phenomenon, this phenomenon under the condition of serious damage of solar cell module. In order to avoid hot spot series branch, need to bypass diodes installed in the photovoltaic module, in order to prevent the hot spot parallel loop, is in no way to install PV string DC insurance, even if there is no hot spot effect, shielding solar cells will also affect the power generation.


7. which situation may appear for the record failure or failure?


Answer: prefecture level city or County Department of energy in the admissibility of the project for the filing of the application within 10 working days to complete the record review and the audit opinion to inform the project unit. Where the cumulative size of the application is beyond the scope of the region's annual guidance, the local energy supervisor shall issue a notice to stop the acceptance of the application for the project. Distributed photovoltaic power generation project for the period of validity, if no special reasons not completed and put into operation, the project file automatic failure.

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