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PV of poverty alleviation: PV is a “small bank”, the construction cannot only let enterprises “to contribute”

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 11:05:02

Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission, the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, National Energy Board, the National Development Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank of China jointly issued "on the implementation of photovoltaic power generation Poverty Work" (hereinafter we called as "Opinion"). "Opinions" pointed that before 2020, the main point are in the early pilot, great lighting conditions in 16 provinces 471 counties and about 35,000 filing cards Li impoverished village. In the way of the whole village, filling legislation to protect two million card poor households, (including unable) to increase the income of more than RMB 3000yuan per household.

   In the recent years, the importance of poverty alleviation work in the photovoltaic industry has become increasingly prominent. Promulgation of a series of supportive policies, not only to accelerate the poverty in poor areas, but also inject into a strong force to the development of solar backup generator industry.

   Select the model of development according to local conditionshousehold off grid solar station

   At present, Chinas photovoltaic power station for poverty alleviation can be mainly divided into three modes: household off grid solar system, village photovoltaic power plants and large-scale ground station.

   Household PV power plants are mainly used the roof of the poor homes, to build a few kilowatts PV stations in a small vacant building, the income are all owned by the poor households. Village photovoltaic power plant are mainly use of vacant land to build the village with a few hundred kilowatts of PV power plants, the income are divided by the village collective and poor households in proportion. And large-scale ground station are mainly used the advantage of the poor areas of barren hills and open space to build 10 megawatts of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, but also the development of agriculture complementary light, a variety of industries and other complementary cooperation model of the Fisherman.

  Household PV poverty alleviation mode operation is so difficult, the economic benefits are the lowest.” Referring to the different mode of Household PV poverty alleviation, Corona  Chairman, Institute of Electrical Engineering researcher Xu Honghua representation.household off grid solar system

   According to the statistics of Anhui province jinzhai county poverty alleviation office, to install a 3000 watt solar power station for a poor household, the average increase income will be RMB3000 yuan; to install a 60000 watt solar generator for a poor household, the average increase income will be RMB60-70thouand yuan. As the establishment of large-scale ground PV power plants, it will drive more integrated development of regional economy.

   To build a solar electric generator in a poor households roof or at home, the strength of the project is the largest. There are many trees surrounding the house, some of the farmhouse roof structure is not suitable for the installation of PV panels. So it brings many troubles for the standardization of the construction of PV power plants. If we make PV power stations according to the requirement of every poor households, which will greatly increase the construction costs.village photovoltaic power plants

   “The prosperities for PV poverty alleviation are great, and we can make it better and better.” Said by Xu. We should do a field investigation conducted poverty reduction program, Tailored according to actual conditions in poor areas, according to local conditions to select a more suitable development model, he PV industry will be able to promote economic development in poor areas of China, and then took off the road.

  “Win-win” to promote the progress in poverty alleviation

  Since 2015 it was recognized poverty alleviation as one of the conference "Thirteen Five" precision mode poverty, the PV poverty alleviation has being policy support by more and more national governments. However, the impediment of shortage of funds for poverty alleviation work has become even more apparent.

  Although the government and the companies have undertook most of the cost. But most of the poor households areas still need to take several thousand dollars of initial construction costs. This is not a huge cost in the developed area, but it has become a problem for poor households. Poverty alleviation pilot period, many regions adopt government money, corporate contributed way, and it also have no possibility for long-term, widespread implementation.

   Xu said: “ to promote the progress of PV poverty alleviation work, it’s not just “contribute”, but through policy, business and other means to let companies to gain profit.

   At present, the poor area are usually “take delivery” quotas ground station construction way to attract business investment-by the way of public procurement, social capital-building indicators can be obtained poor construction of solar generator and photovoltaic power plants by competition. This way of PPT not only greatly improve the social capital to participate intiative, but also provide a new way to solve the issue of financing poverty alleviation project of PV.

   At the same time, and-poor households can also reduce labor shares of the way capital investment, thus reducing the government, PV enterprises, financial pressure on poor households, and promote the rapid PV poverty alleviation.

  By 2015, China's PV poverty alleviation pilot have received great results. The National Construction reached 1836 MW, with an average annual income of RMB 2.26 billion yuan, nearly 430,000 poor households to achieve income card filing legislation and solved the problem of 956 poverty-stricken village collective income.

   Director LGOP Development Guidance Division Zhang Hongbo told reporters: at the time the PV plant increase the income of poor household, it also but also brought a certain village collective income growth in poor areas, it has been called “small bank”. PV industry focus on “make blood” for poor regional economy, poor households have given a golden key to open the door to wealth, and it also bring a rare opportunity for the development of industry.
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