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PV grid connected generation system common questions

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-17 17:21:34

For a lot of solar power generator system, people who are interested to know some of the new energy products from some aspects, but there is what specific to them unriddling channels, learned from the surrounding population is not much content. Here are some simple questions and answers some of the usual questions.

generation system

First of all, most people think about the cost of investment in the first time. Common specifications of photovoltaic power generation system for the 3KW/5KW/10KW family, and the market selling price in 7-8 yuan / watt, then the corresponding specifications of the price should be everyone can count out. As for the selection of the specification is based on the number of decisions they want to invest.


The second problem is the installation conditions of solar backup generator system. Whether you are home or commercial housing villas or ordinary rural houses are can install the product. Customers need to provide us with the housing at the top of the space and other information, in the city's commercial housing needs to install this product is required to apply to the district's property and archiving. As far as the installation needs of the area can be roughly summarized as IKW=10 square meters. Here we mainly describe the grid connected photovoltaic power generation system, so it does not need storage battery to store, directly to the power into the national grid so that it saves a lot of input costs. And also to enjoy the state subsidies, is the most conducive to the promotion of a form, as far away from the net that only in remote mountainous areas do not have access to the conditions of the region may not have the choice.


Third PV grid connected power generation system manufacturers to provide products and after-sales service. System accessories including solar photovoltaic panels, inverter, bracket, controller wire, etc.. Service content includes design, transportation products, technical guidance, product quality assurance. If the remote district, it should install off-grid solar system and need the solar power batteries.


The country is making great efforts to support the photovoltaic grid connected power generation system. In the long run is a very worthwhile product. And the benefits of subsidies and preferential policies are also large. Five or six years to recover the cost, the overall product life can reach 25 years, so there is no reason to reject the product.

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