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PV cross-border mode

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-11 18:49:31

PV + agriculture greenhouse


Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses is a solar photovoltaic power generation, intelligent temperature control system, the modern high-tech greenhouse planting is one of the greenhouse, using a steel skeleton, covered with solar photovoltaic modules, while ensuring that the solar power generator and the greenhouse crop demand of lighting. Solar photovoltaic power generation, irrigation system can support greenhouses, plant lighting, solve the greenhouse in winter heating demand, improve the greenhouse temperature, promote the rapid growth of crops.


Nowadays, people's demand for agriculture has turned from the pursuit of quantity and output to green, efficient and energy saving and environmental protection. Agriculture is a constant innovation, breaking the traditional agricultural development, and vigorously develop safe and efficient green agriculture. Feasibility analysis of photovoltaic agricultural released March 2016 report pointed out: in the long run, the development of photovoltaic agriculture has important significance for agricultural transformation in China, but in the short term, the PV of agriculture from a certain degree is an effective measure to solve the plight of the current photovoltaic industry.


Fundamentally speaking, the domestic photovoltaic industry to break the crisis, the key lies in the ability to gradually achieve self transformation, get rid of dependence on exports, which requires the deep domestic application market. Compared to the general requirements of the project of the large ground barren hills, wasteland and other unused land conditions, photovoltaic agriculture more advantages. Go to "encircling the city" road, the need to upgrade the PV enterprises: increase in the product development efforts to end use, produce products for photovoltaic applications in agricultural production, farmers' life can be widely used, in order to resolve the crisis, because of the vast rural area has a huge market potential.

Photovoltaic + Internet


"Internet plus" imperceptibly into our life and lead a new way of life, but the combination of PV on the Internet is the Internet rather than two get in by every opening, industry time.

With photovoltaic and Internet, not for each solar generator, each user of electricity on a IP address is called energy Internet; not to use the Internet for power dispatching is the energy of the Internet; but the use of the omnipresent Internet, make energy trade freely like other general consumer goods, this is the energy of the internet. If Internet is a network of information, the Internet is a powerful network of Internet, to reshape the energy services. Because the energy of the Internet has many advanced sensors, control software, big data technology, they connect hundreds of millions of energy production, transmission, end consumer end equipment, machines and systems, the formation of the Internet of things based on energy.


At present, the photovoltaic industry is through continuous technological innovation, continue to reduce the cost of power generation, but to achieve parity, and achieve high power facilities, electricity trading market, but also need to use the Internet technology, the Internet by means of building energy, new energy power industry development and the advantages of the Internet layout under the new situation.


 PV + Finance


Green development has become a basic concept of economic and social development of the Chinese "13th Five-Year" and even longer period of time, as an important part of the "green finance" has attracted more and more attention. At the beginning of the September G20 Summit for the first time defined the green financial definition, purpose, scope and challenge for the development of all countries, and green finance brainstorming.


Photovoltaic + finance is the green finance more concrete, to make it more "down to earth", there are many innovative modes, such as the combination, the people voted in the General Lee in an interview with reporters, said, "the combination" is actually the idea with the financial industry, to make financial around the industrial layout, the new energy photovoltaic industry, as long as the rational use of financial instruments, in close contact with the financial market, will be able to achieve the sustainable development of photovoltaic industry, and continuously provide clean energy to the society.


For example, financial leasing and photovoltaic combination, there are innovative ways, many solar backup generator companies cognition of the leasing industry is to bond financing, but in fact, many leasing companies are now the debt stock linkage. This model will need to finance leasing business model, the design of the transaction model to be more flexible, more innovative. In the final analysis is to achieve a reasonable control of the risk of investment and financing.

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