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PV Companies Turn to Distributed Mode and Efficiency is The Key

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-10 13:43:28
International New Energy Conference and Exhibition "in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center, distributed to become the topic of this year's delegates hot topic.Conference was held" how to promote the combination of distributed and micro-network "," Distributed Energy Focus - - "Technology Innovation, Blue Ocean Market, Business Model", "2016 the first civilian distributed photovoltaic power generation marketing forum", "distributed energy in the near-zero energy consumption building" and other distributed forum topics or Sub-forum, from multiple perspectives on distributed PV development application and solar powered portable generator.

As early as June 30 this year, the country will adjust the price of PV down, there is industry estimates, the domestic centralized power plant boom will continue to decline, and distributed photovoltaic will usher in the dawn. As the National Energy Board has not set the rooftop distributed and spontaneous ground-distributed PV indicators in 2016 limit, the national grid for the distribution of spontaneous use has given "pre-settlement" preferential policies, the National Development and Reform Commission in 2016 down the ground power station While not reducing the degree of subsidies for distributed PV, these policy advantages make the distribution of PV companies compete for the blue ocean.
solar off grid power plant with battery backup
The next two years will be a big development

Suntech Solar Power Co., Ltd. He Shuangquan, president of the view that let Suntech distributed a new vitality of the key lies in the distributed. Recently, Suntech launched a distributed business sub-brand "Suntech e", in the industry to recruit global marketers and partners, the formal entry into the distributed market. "I think 2016 is a distributed and rapid development of the year, is expected to 2017 or 2018 may be a distributed development of the crazy years." He Shuangquan said.

He introduced, Suntech from more than 10 years ago, sold to Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, a large number of products used in the distributed. Suntech acquired Suntech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Suntech, which has 22 years of distributed PV experience. Suntech has extensive experience in the development, application and management of distributed project systems. "Distributed really large area to go a long way to go, we hope that through efforts to expand the distribution of the distribution business through the distributor of each distributor to help us complete the 3 MW annual sales, according to 2017 100, 2018, 300, 2019, 500 speed, we hope that Suntech efficient high-quality components to enter the millions of households, the inferior components in the industry destroyed. "He said.

Hairun Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., vice president and president of Xu Xianghua, said PV, Hairun has been distributed in the layout of the three or four months, the future will be a large area to promote the application of distributed PV, "We are not only focused on the distributed Industrial and commercial distribution, but to a large area in the country with a distributed distribution. "Xu Xianghua said.

Zhang Yong, president of SMA China and Vivoso Zhang, said, "We are very pleased to see that China's distribution is booming and developing rapidly, and this development trend will be maintained and expanded in the coming years. The diversity of the domestic distribution industry, there are many innovations, the overall system cost is also declining. SMA in China has more than 30 years of history, the product line is very rich, there are a variety of products to adapt to a variety of distributed applications, the future can help the development of the industry. Based on the distribution of good, this exhibition's exhibitors covering the distribution of portable solar power generator industry chain in all aspects, forming a "distributed photovoltaic one-stop sourcing platform." Systems, integration, design institutes, components, inverters, racks, cables, cables, etc., from the power plant investment, system integration, the Institute of Technology, vibration, Suntech, Hairun, Convergence boxes, switchgear, power plants and other aspects of the operation and maintenance of a number of outstanding enterprises gathered in this platform.
electric vehicle and solar charging pile
Need to rationally study the distributed development model

By the end of 2015, in the Sheng Photoelectric Energy Co., Ltd. in the Chinese market first proposed in the distributed and green energy industrial and commercial solutions. Program is a set of enterprise evaluation system and third-party testing system, coupled with third-party insurance system for enterprises, so that distributed products do more sense of design.

In all clean energy, photovoltaic and traditional energy sources compared to the most competitive advantage is actually distributed." He believes that from a market perspective, distributed PV should be From the beginning to do business. "The US market is distributed from the household began to do, it is because the European and American household electricity costs will be much higher than the industrial and commercial enterprises, and China is just the opposite, so China should be the first business-distributed, And then do household distribution, which is conducive to faster return on investment.

Wuxi Zhonghai Sunshine Energy Development Co., Ltd. Thunder will be distributed into three categories, one is the type of investment distribution, one is the type of distribution of consumption, one is the type of poverty alleviation distributed. The type of investment distributed to calculate the return for the purpose of the study is the level of income; type of consumption is the same as buying home appliances, in fact it is a consumer, buyers are usually home users, regardless of return on investment, feel good Just use. The type of poverty alleviation is government-led, funded by each, not only to consider the investment return of enterprises, but also consider how to meet the local government requirements for poverty alleviation. "Future distribution of which to study its mode, but also to see it there is supporting the bottleneck," he said.

Whether it's a terrestrial or a rooftop power plant, roofs and floors are scarce resources. The area of the roof is fixed, and how to maximize the value? Install the components with the highest power, for example, with a 265- The area of the meter can only be installed with a total power generation of 5 kilowatts of components, if replaced by 290 - watt of the single crystal components, the same area can be increased by 10% to 15% of the power, then the rooftop resources have been maximized use. Le Leaves Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Assistant President Tang Xuhui said, Le Ye as a single crystal components leading enterprises, will make full use of technical reserves, to further improve the efficiency of the components. The same 60 components, the future power can reach 340-350 watts.Many family use solar power generator as a backup power supply.
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