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PV Systems MPPT Algorithms Commonly Used

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 11:34:10
This section focuses on the more commonly used solar pwoer portable generator system for real constant voltage tracking method, perturbation and observation method to make a comparative analysis. Additionally, fuzzy control algorithm is commonly used algorithm, but its essence is to improve or optimize several other methods.

Constant Voltage Tracking Method (CVT)

JV curve can be seen in sunlight intensity is high, the maximum power point of each curve almost distributed on both sides of a vertical line, indicating that the maximum power output point array roughly corresponds to a constant voltage, which greatly simplifies the MPPT control system design, that people simply obtained from the manufacturer at the maximum power point data corresponding to the output voltage, output voltage clamp and the array is located VPmax value can, in fact, is to simplify the MPPT control for the regulator control, which It constitutes a CVT type MPPT control for solar power generation. By CVT than the direct coupling work without the CVT to be much more favorable for the average solar generation system is expected to get up to 20% of the electricity
But this ignores the effect of temperature tracking array open-circuit voltage, single crystal silicon solar cells, for example, when the ambient temperature is increased it: When, where the open circuit voltage will drop 0.4% or 0.5%. To overcome the use of premises winter and sooner or later, affect Teenage rain and fog and other environmental temperature changes brought to the solar power generation system, based on a CVT of the following types of child compromise solution may be employed. Manual adjustment: via potentiometer manually by pressing the season given different, this is too much trouble and rough. Microprocessor query data in tabular form: advance at different temperatures measured ^ ^ value is stored in EPROM or FLASHROM, the temperature sensor on the array by the microprocessor temperature to obtain an array of the actual operation, it is determined by the current look-up table? VPmax value.

CVT Control Advantages Are:

Control is simple, easy to implement, high reliability;
The system does not oscillate, good stability;
It can be easily implemented in hardware.

The Disadvantage Is That:

Control accuracy is poor, especially for the morning and evening and seasonal temperature changes in violent areas;Need human intervention to run well, more difficult to anticipate the wind, sand and the like affect.By CVT to achieve MPPT control, due to its good reliability and stability, the current in the solar energy genertaor system still use more. With the PV system and microprocessor control technology, computer technology, which is gradually being replaced by a new method.
solar powered portable generator
It Should be Noted Three Things:

① When using the above control process, must be set at system initialization initial value ^ Shu, Pi, U Shu, R not too much, is about 1/4- 1/3 module array watts peak value.
② use timer interrupt to call the way the algorithm processes before the start of the five calls using the stride length track after track use small step, and adjust the downtime.
③ the best system to increase the amount of solar radiation measured way, real-time monitoring of solar radiation, such MPPT control is more accurate and reliable.

So long as the output voltage in real time to ensure that the array can be maintained at any solar irradiance and temperature corresponding to the value of a solar irradiance and temperature, so portable solar power generator must be able to ensure that the array at any moment have the maximum power output, its advantages are: to achieve modular control circuit; tracing rule is simple, easy to implement the system. Less than that: You can only run near the maximum power point oscillation will result in partial loss of power; the initial value and tracking steps given a greater impact on the tracking accuracy and speed.

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