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PV Poverty In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-16 11:49:24
Zhejiang, Tonglu pilot PV power poverty alleviation, 2020, will be extended to the 35,000 poverty-stricken villages in the country to promote the way the whole village to protect the 2 million poor households per year per year, Households to increase income more than 3,000 yuan.

PV poverty report summary: more than a year how the pilot situation? At present, China is carrying out a difficult poverty alleviation plan: by 2020, the existing more than 50 million poor households to be out of absolute poverty.
Distributed PV power
In order to be able to complete such a difficult task in a limited time, the central government put forward the strategy of "precise poverty alleviation". In 2014, a project called "PV Poverty Alleviation" was officially launched in 471 poverty-stricken counties in 16 provinces and autonomous regions. This project became the "Top 10 Precise Poverty Alleviation Project" by the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, one.

PV poverty alleviation, that is, the poor people on the roof, or the yard to install such a portable solar power generator panels, poor farmers can send these solar panels to the power grid, so that a year down, you can get more than 3,000 yuan in revenue. The use of natural resources, do not need to pay heavy physical labor, will be able to long-term income, the prospect of photovoltaic poverty alleviation looks bright.

In May last year, Ningxia's pilot work was officially launched. More than a year later, the reporter found in the interview, where the poverty alleviation projects are "card shell."

Ningxia's six districts and counties, four settlements, a total of 18 villages in 2015 was designated as the pilot areas of poverty alleviation of the PV, Hongsipu District Wu Sha Tong Village is one of the first pilot village. According to the original plan, now the village of the project on the built power generation.
The original installation of solar power batteries photovoltaic panels of 100 poor households, only 10 households to complete the installation. Even the 10, the installed equipment is only on the roof of the sun, and not really put into use. What is the reason for this last year to start the project is still stagnant it? After many setbacks, the reporter linked to the project is responsible for the enterprise.

According to Sunshine Power Co., Ltd. Ningxia Branch Northwest person in charge: At that time we selected that village, it is not in 2015, within the scope of rural power grids, up to only 20 households, many conditions are not a factor we can not dry.
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