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"PV + Energy Storage" is a Symbol of the Future Energy Revolution

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 13:43:53

Many experts predict that 2017 will be the first year of the development of energy internet. National relevant departments also proposed to strengthen the energy of the Internet demonstration, pilot work. The Internet will be a variety of renewable energy energy interconnection, optimal scheduling, and can better interact with the user. At present it seems that the establishment of energy Internet is a huge system engineering. By 2030, China's renewable energy like solar power generator system accounted for more than 20%, if there is no energy Internet, very difficult, so many renewable energy, therefore, the theoretical research and application demonstration in 13th Five-Year 'period to do the energy of the internet." China State Department counselor Shi Dinghuan at the inaugural meeting of the October 31st Zhongguancun energy alliance Internet experts said.

 China State Department counselor Shi Dinghuan

Energy Internet needs to break through a variety of Technology


"Traditional power system through power generation, transmission and distribution to provide users with power, its essence is an energy storage, two times energy control, to ensure that the demand side of the supply and demand balance. In short, is to use controllable power generation to adjust the uncontrollable demand. Future power systems will be a higher proportion of new energy power systems. Reflected in the power generation side, large-scale wind power, photovoltaic. On the power side, the demand side of the distributed power and electric vehicles as the representative of the demand side will also account for more and more. Future power system generation side and the uncertainty of the use of the power side stronger. Faced with bilateral uncertainty, the need for energy Internet approach to solve." Zhongguancun energy Internet expert alliance members, associate professor of North China Electric Power University, director of Technical Committee Liu Dunnan said.


The mechanism of the energy Internet is the horizontal multi complementary, vertical source, network, load, storage coordination. Energy Internet is to build the top of the energy scheduling system, but there are still problems in technology, multi energy conversion between the Internet, information collection, integrated energy supplier issues need to be resolved. "In fact, to do a good job of the Internet, the need for a number of areas of cross integration, involving electrical, oil and gas, transportation, information and communication, economic and financial, etc..


At present, the industry's key technical problems in the energy of the Internet there are two views. A view of the Internet is in favor of energy interconnection of various energy coupling, key technologies of this view of the energy of the Internet mainly for the multi energy network, including device level technology, system level technology, market mechanism and operation mode etc.. Another point of view is the focus on energy and information interconnection. This point of view, the key technical problems of the Internet can be attributed to the coupling of information and energy in the open environment, including the integration of energy information, security and stability of the system, etc.." Tsinghua University, said Yang Chao, an Innovative Research Institute of energy innovation.


According to his introduction, Tsinghua University Institute of energy Internet innovation summarizes these technologies that include several key technologies of energy Internet, one is energy Internet operation control techniques can cooperate, two electric vehicles and energy storage technology, the three is the energy trading system and operation management of the energy of the Internet, the four is the application of advanced the Internet technology in the energy system, five is the standard specification and policy research. In the future, around these key technologies to start research, will promote the energy of the Internet landing.


Energy storage is an important technology for the development of the Internet.


Energy storage is very important in the future of the energy of the internet. The energy storage technology in our country in these years. A variety of chemical power supply in the development of." Shi Dinghuan said.

 the future development of photovoltaic solar backup generator and energy

Liu Dunnan also has the same point of view. He said: "the future development of photovoltaic solar backup generator and energy, is the symbol of the energy revolution. If photovoltaic, energy storage technology is not a breakthrough, it is not true energy change." "With the increasingly serious waste of wind and light, the number of hours of thermal power utilization has been reduced, resulting in a waste of power reserve capacity. The installation of energy storage not only ensures the development of new energy sources, but also is a breakthrough to reduce the reserve capacity of traditional thermal power."


He also points out the problems currently faced by the reservoir. The storage has been hang back for storage, enterprise development is very difficult. In the current market environment, on the one hand, the energy storage is still a lack of profit model. On the other hand, the present stage of our country can not price policy system and mechanism of industrialization of tailor-made for storage, especially for power storage, basically no detailed rules for the implementation of the policy mechanism in the electricity market is not perfect, the vast majority of energy storage projects because of the high cost does not have profit, but also the lack of expected earnings to follow up to attract capital.


So how to bring power to the energy storage market?. New energy power generation to increase energy storage system, you can use the valley when the transmission, of course, also need to let a part of the power transmission side to the energy storage.


With the interests of the drive, the energy storage such as solar generator can be rapid development. Can also be incorporated into the quota of energy storage power plants, the central enterprises to make use of the advantages of low investment yield to do investment. You can also change in overall price situation, appropriate to widen the peak valley price difference, to be leveraging a lever in the development of energy storage. At the policy level, the energy storage business is still called for the storage of a certain subsidy policy.

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