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PERC Metalized Slurry to Enhance Solar Cell Conversion Efficiency

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 17:03:10
As the world's a rope provider of solutions for the PV industry, Heraeus make a public the launch of its new solar generation of highly efficient positive conductive silver pastes, the PERC product series, at PV Taiwan. The new solar power generator of slurry products significantly increases solar cell conversion efficiency and provides better performance.
PERC product positive conductive silver paste series can improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells 0.1%, in the PERC product battery has excellent pull off force, and is compatible with polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon, especially for black silicon technology. PERC product excellent pull-off force for customers to optimize their main grid graphics design provides more space, in order to achieve higher electrical performance and better cost control.
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The ultra-fine line printing capability of the PERC product is ideal for finer sub-grids, high-mesh fine-pitch screen printing and the latest meshless technology. PERC product's innovative organic system ensures high printability while maintaining excellent printability and gate line topography. The high-volume verification of major customers, PERC product can help customers significantly improve productivity and battery efficiency. In addition, PERC product has another feature - wide sintering process window (about 50 ℃), its characteristics for low-temperature sintering of PERC product solar cells is also very useful.
A new solar generation of silver paste product innovation proves the company's global network of strong synergy and effectiveness. He said that with the continuous cooperation of photovoltaic scientists and engines with customers from Taiwan, China, Singapore and the United States, our research and development work is almost non-stop 24 hours a day, our global team of this continuous non-stop teamwork is We can be such as PERC product series and other innovative products so quickly into the market one of the main reasons.

The Heraeus Global PV Business Unit is the industry's leading developer and manufacturer of conductive silver paste for the photovoltaic industry. For more than 40 years, Heraeus has established a strong reputation in the field of thick film technology innovation, extensive research and development, and new product development in cooperation with well-known companies from all walks of life. In the photovoltaic sector, the Heraeus Global PV business unit inherits the tradition and applies innovative technology to provide conductive paste products for solar cells. Heraeus unique SOL series of silver products, not only can improve efficiency while a wider process window, so as to help solar cell manufacturers to increase production capacity and production.
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The successful launch of PERC product marks another milestone in helping Heraeus to help solar companies reduce costs and improve efficiency. Executives at the company's latest International Solar Photovoltaic Show (SNEC) earlier this year said they believe renewable energy production costs are likely to drop by as much as 50% every five years, which will help accelerate the growth of solar and other environmentally friendly energy sources widely used.

I believe that Taiwan is still the backbone of the development of solar energy storage batteries market, and will play a very important role in the market to pick up. Taiwan's photovoltaic market is closely linked with the entire Asia-Pacific region, many Taiwan PV companies have established in mainland China R & D and production base, so Heraeus PV across the Taiwan Strait for the strength of the business development of a high degree of strategic significance. This allows us to work closely with the battery and component manufacturers in both markets to provide customers with higher performance lifepo4 battery pack technologies.

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