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Optimumnano Energy Focus On Fast Charge Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-09 18:10:44
The establishment of energy storage power station, launched the "Innovation Alliance", the establishment of Battery Research Institute, to complete the low-temperature test. Whether it is technically or model, as the leader in the field of domestic battery, Watman has been action. "In 2017 we will be a breakthrough in the field of fast charge, plans to 2017 in June to achieve the basic 3C to 4C fast charge." December 17, 2016, the Seventh Global New Energy Vehicle Conference, Optimumnano Energy deputy Rao Moumin, general manager of an interview made when the above said.

Optimumnano Energy was established in 2002, since 2008, the first use of a new energy vehicle battery loading, has accumulated more than 8 years of experience in new energy vehicle operations.
Optimumnano Energy Focus On Fast Charge Technology
By the end of 2015, equipped with low-temperature battery Optimumnano Energy pure electric bus in Xinjiang Urumqi cold test to be successful and through the authority of the whole test. Test results show that the low temperature performance of the battery is good, breaking the normal temperature battery charge and discharge conditions - more than zero charge and minus 20 degrees below the discharge limit, to achieve the normal discharge of minus 35 degrees and minus 20 degrees normal charge. As a result, equipped with low-temperature battery Optimumnano Energy new energy electric logistics vehicles, buses began to enter Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other northern provinces and cities.

"Up to now, the North area logistics vehicles, buses have thousands of vehicles to use our batteries." Rao Mumin pointed out that the low-temperature battery is the Optimumnano Energy Battery Research Institute launched in 2014 research projects, through the different batteries High-quality materials, repeated screening, testing and process design optimization, developed a low-temperature charge and discharge performance of low-temperature batteries.

Raumu Min said that the next step in the development of the focus of Optimumnano Energy there are three main areas. First, in the field of fast charge a breakthrough, to achieve 5 to 10 minutes fast power supply, a power supply dozens of degrees. For the logistics vehicles, buses, especially in the cold zone, timely fast charge fully charged than the charge after charging more efficient, fast charge has a higher value. Waterma is currently 2C to 3C fast charge, plans to June 2017, the basic realization of 3C to 4C fast charge.

The second is to enhance the energy density. At present, the energy density of the Optimumnano Energy group battery system is about 100 Wh / kg. In 2017, the unit cell and the PACK group will be optimized.

The third is to increase investment in ternary batteries. Optimumnano Energyt in the field of ternary batteries have a certain reserves, the future Optimumnano Energy will increase investment in the field of ternary batteries, including technology and the market and so on. At present, low-volume logistics vehicles equipped with ternary batteries in the pilot operation and real-time monitoring, in order to collect large data, the next step to promote research.

November 22, 2016, the State Ministry of Public Works issued an open draft "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" (2017), the lithium-ion battery business with an annual capacity of "not less than 200 million hours" to "Not less than 80 billion hours." In this regard, Rao Mu-min pointed out that the state initiated the automotive power battery industry focused production capacity, intended to increase production efficiency and reduce production costs, accelerate the industry to achieve independent of subsidies and market-oriented independent development.

Raumu Min said that Optimumnano Energy 3 years ago had been planning strategic layout, including the much-invested investment in Weinan, Linfen, Jingzhou and other power battery industry park. As of the end of 2016, all the factories all put into production, Wumart capacity can reach 12 billion watts, to meet industry specifications conditions.

Capacity to achieve, that safety and recycling problems? Raomu Min pointed out that the current Optimumnano Energy powered battery equipped with new energy vehicles more than 50,000 vehicles, relying on more than 8 years of new energy vehicles, the actual operation of the accumulation of battery operating experience, systematic Developed the battery safety-related solutions, to create the industry's first S2C security system.
Optimumnano Energy Focus On Fast Charge Technology
Raumu Min said that the current field of battery Optimumnano Energy three major areas of security work, one in the equipment stereotypes using automation technology to reduce the safety of the production of batteries themselves; Second, the battery safety design with seven anti-design, including waterproof Anti-collision, the third is to strengthen the overall monitoring, the establishment of monitoring platform for all battery products for 24-hour monitoring, responsibility to the people, to ensure product safety.

Power battery echelon utilization and recycling, is also a Wo Mate work highlights. "Optimumnano Energy as early as 2012 to explore the secondary use of the battery power line, method, the use of decommissioned electric vehicle power battery, built a 3MWh lifepo4 battery pack power station, for the waste power battery cascade utilization laid For the complete lack of capacity of the battery, but also with several environmental companies, do dismantling re-use engineering research. "Rao Moumin told reporters," At the same time, since 2015, Watermart products are strictly in accordance with the standardization Of the small module, can be dismantled and reassembled.

As a pioneer in the industry, not only to make a good product, how to maximize the value of the product is the key. "The originalOptimumnano Energy rationing all car prices are the same battery, but customer feedback is very different, we slowly realize that powertrain, vehicle design will have an impact on the battery." Rao Moumin said.

So launched in the Waterma, the "China Water Horse new energy automotive industry innovation alliance" was established. The alliance covers the raw materials, core components, photovoltaic energy storage, vehicle manufacturing, etc., as well as the operating platform, financial services, universities and research institutions associated with the new energy vehicles.

"Union since its inception in 2013, has more than 1,000 enterprises to join, all aspects of indicators have improved, especially in the electrical, electronic control, powertrain and so has made great progress, the latter part of the division of labor is also more clear "Raumu Min pointed out that in front of customers, regardless of the battery, motor, electric control and vehicle problems, but the joint industry chain to solve and ensure the normal operation.
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