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Open up all aspects, PV precise poverty alleviation line are clearly

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 08:50:38

Recently, in order to effectively implement the spirit of the central anti-poverty work session, a solid implementation of the "CPC Central Committee and State Council on the decision to win tough fight poverty" requirement, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, the National Energy Board, the State Development Bank, Agricultural Development Bank of China, the five department jointly issued on the “implementation of PV poverty alleviation views" (the "opinion"), they called on all the localities to take the poverty alleviation as an important way of PV assets income poverty, and further intensify its efforts to win the battle of poverty and increase the new strength. Since then, the off grid solar power batteries system of industrial precision in all aspects of poverty have been opened.

   PV poverty alleviation binding

“Opinions” said, before 2020, the major task for PV poverty alleviation work is pre PV pilot, the better light conditions 471 counties in 16 provinces, about 35,000 poor villages filing cards established to advance the way the whole village, filing legislation to protect two million card poor households are unable to work (including the disabled) annual household and increase their income of more than RMB 3,000.

   Other good light conditions poor areas should according to the requirements of precise poverty, promote the implementation of local conditions. According to “opinions” to calculate the number of poor counties, during the “Thirteen Five" period, the total size of the photovoltaic poverty is expected to reach 15 GW. 15 GW solar power generator system

   National Poverty Alleviation Office said in an interview, “PV industry is better than other poverty reduction effect”. PV power generation are clean and green technology, reliable, stable income, not only for the construction of small household and village power plants, but also for the construction of large-scale centralized power plants,  It also can be combined with agriculture, forestry to carry out a variety of "PV +" applications. To carry out PV poverty alleviation in the good light conditions, it’s not only in accordance with precise poverty alleviation, accurate poverty reduction strategies, but also consistent with national low-carbon clean energy development strategy;  it not only good for the expand of the PV market, but also conducive to the promotion of stable income poverty income, combined with the natural advantages, the industry has become an important way of poverty alleviation.

   “Talked about the project, people's own qualities and abilities are unable to select PV devices out of poverty, but through PV poverty alleviation means and measures, we have achieved poverty reduction from a year 'transfusion formula' to 'blood type' change. Not only solve the problem of poor households own use electricity, you can also sell the extra to electricity grid. By PV “blood' feature that will let millions of poor people to took off the hat of poverty. "The National Poverty Alleviation Office sources said.

   “"Rural poverty per capita annual income of less than RMB 3,000, take a family of three as an example, the annual income of poor households is less than RMB 9,000. After the installation of photovoltaic power plants, installed capacity of 3kW per household, each household income are of RMB 3,000 a year, if three people plus the land revenue and labor income, it’s sufficient to achieve poverty reduction. "2015, in Anhui Province, the largest photovoltaic project is located in Funan County Poverty Alleviation Committee, Deputy Mayor Liu Feng said in an interview with reporters.

   How to draw the scale?

   “by 2020, if China wants to achieve 15 GW of PV total installed capacity target, Decomposed every year in Thirteen Five', the total size of the photovoltaic poverty is 3GW to 5GW, it is firstly reported by province, program improvement and qualifying will receive priority scale within specification. " In the National Energy Bureau official said in the" China Energy Report. "

   “Opinion” said provincial and local energy department in conjunction with the following pro-poor sectors. in the preparation of the county as a unit PV poor implementation. The relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Summary of photovoltaic energy authorities poverty embodiment of the areas concerned, submitted to the National Energy Board after the trial. The National Energy Board in conjunction with the Office of the State Council Poverty Alleviation all regions reported to county audit units photovoltaic poor implementation. For poverty-purpose village photovoltaic power plants and centralized PV power plant, as well as local government Manpower PV poverty alleviation projects of other building construction funds, the county issued a special sub-units of the scale of construction of photovoltaic power generation year.

   As the first province to carry out poverty alleviation photovoltaic pilot, as early as 2013.-2014, Anhui province are already promoting PV poverty alleviation projects in Hefei, Lu'an Jinzhai County. As of June 2015, Jinzhai County village has achieved solar power generators  in full coverage. Anhui Province Energy Bureau Chief Engineer Li lijia said in the "China Energy Report," April 6, Anhui Province Energy Board has convened several related sectors, including forestry, power grid, etc. held "on the implementation of photovoltaic electricity generation opinions poverty reduction, " Performed on the PV size, financing platform, land use, forestry use and other issues discussed and the formation of a consensus, the next step would be called on of Anhui related to 20 counties summoned deploy specific work, based on the county to develop implementation plans, the introduction of provincial embodiments and reported to the State for approval.

The reporters noted that the access to the Internet will become an important basis for the merits of scale indicators. "In Qinghai, In Qinghai, Gansu brownouts hit areas, the annual index level city may be only 50-60 MW, the areas with good network conditions will receive priority projects approved.” The Poverty Alleviation Office told reporters.

Where did the money come from?

In this photovoltaic poverty battle, they clearly stated national policy and local financial support available through the integration of anti-poverty funds, budgetary investment, government interest subsidies, etc., while encouraging socially responsible business support through donations or photovoltaic invest capital and labor, etc. poverty alleviation projects.

“Opinions” requires the State Development Bank, Agricultural Development Bank of China to provide preferential loans for the photovoltaic anti-poverty project, encouraging other banks and social security funds, insurance funds, under the premise of reasonable returns with low-cost financing for the photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, Encourage financial innovations such as crowdfunding financing support PV poverty alleviation projects, encourage enterprises to provide a variety of support including direct investment and technology services.

      It is understood that, through effective innovative anti-poverty funds, Anhui solve the preparations for construction funds, to take the government, enterprises and individuals jointly funded, to resolve the problem of the construction of the initial capital to create the country can learn from the "Jinzhai mode ", “hefei” mode have provide reproducible, replicable model for the PV poverty alleviation in the other country.  Take year 2015 6 poor counties in Anhui PV poverty alleviation projects as an example, every 3KW 5000 Household Poverty Reduction photovoltaic power plant are in the initial construction, household power plant required capital of RMB 240 million yuan. Among them, the higher levels of government supporting 8,000 yuan, the local government supporting 8,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan are raised by farmers in addition to provided by local governments lead organization County Farmers firm loans, local government subsidized, farmers enjoy interest-free loan. The farmers repay the money by the running electricity projects, the repayment period are 5 years, after 5 years, the earnings belong to the farmer themselves.

      According to reporter said, the PV poverty alleviation effort will have a direct impact on the national poverty alleviation, to take PV poverty alleviation projects as a benchmark project, are now become the focus of the provincial government. Qian Lijia said: “The provincial government will be more valued cooperation with professional companies, more policy will have a social responsibility to industry leaders. At the same time, we will choose a strong financial strength and technical management capabilities of enterprises to assume solar generator operations management and technical services. "

Meanwhile, the national people will also evaluate the effect of PV poverty alleviation. According to these sources the National Poverty Alleviation Office said, the identified of the poor countries is a dynamic mechanism to ensure that the beneficiary is the first person in poor households within the filing, and thus ensure the effectiveness of photovoltaic poverty, the state will introduce a third party evaluation institutions to poverty alleviation poverty reduction target accuracy and assess the effect of the CPC Central Committee proposed the precise implement poverty reduction. It is expected to completed a pilot assessment evaluation in June this year, and it will conduct a comprehensive assessment of provincial PV poverty alleviation in February next year.

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