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On the economic resources of the five kinds of photovoltaic roof

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 10:08:35

“Beauty appears everywhere in the world as long as you discover it”, Here the beauty refers to more than the real meaning, or it can be defined as a resource. in our daily life, there are different kinds of resources, I have a vast network of resources, the product channels, etc. resources are everywhere, the current trend is how to find resources and utilization of resources.

For roof commonplace, whether you live in the rural suburbs, villas or offices, roofs can be  seen everywhere. Let’s talk about roof resource today.off grid solar power system

Why we say roof is a resources, and even a invaluable resources?

That’s from on and off grid solar power system. PV are generally built in the ground before, with the rise of distributed solar power generation market, the value of all the roof had been born.

When it comes to the value of the roof, how to show the value of it?

Firstly of all, large enterprises, high energy consumption of clear property rights of the plant roof. Some state-owned enterprises, the central enterprises and large listed companies has been considered as a advantage roof resources. Such stable operations and high energy consumption, long roof subsisting period, it ensure the stable operation of 20 years, and suitable for the development of large-scale roof megawatts power plant.

Secondly, the chain of mall-type roof. The roof property rights for some chain stores are clear, neat roof is also considered high-quality resources. Sometimes off grid solar system for them is inadequate. But they pay more attention to the environmental protection concept behind the green energy, it create a positive effect for corporate influence and good social image.

Thirdly, agricultural greenhouse roof. The combination of agriculture and photovoltaic power generation has become the priorities of industrial development. PV modules laid on the greenhouse roof, it won’t take up the land resources. And bring secondary benefits to users.

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