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OlarPower Calling On Implementation Of Energy Union Package

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-13 13:11:24
OlarPower (Europe) is calling on the European Commission on the forthcoming implementation of the Energy Union Package in the solar power batteries energy and energy reserves of these two issues to propose solutions. In view of this, the Commission's Solar Energy and Energy Storage Working Group sets out ten policy priorities that need to be taken into account when developing appropriate regulatory frameworks for these technologies.
OlarPower Calling On Implementation Of Energy Union Package
"The industry has been successful in reducing fixed-cell storage costs and improving energy storage capacity to deliver effective services and solutions to the market today, and we need EU policymakers to provide a stable regulatory environment that includes clear Definition and appropriate market design to ensure a level playing field for the solution provider, "said Ricardo Amoroso, Chief Innovation Officer at Enel Green Power and president of SolarPower Europe.

The importance of these two technologies is self-evident if the 2030 RES target is to be achieved. However, in order to fully cater to this dynamic technological development, the SPE calls on the EU to develop a corresponding regulatory framework that includes these ten priorities.
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